Another year… something

So, today’s my birthday.

(I cannot say that without hearing The Beatles in my head.)

Can’t say it’s been a banner year, but, you know, it definitely had it’s high points as well as it’s struggles. (I guess that’s one thing about a birthday at the end of the year. It makes it easy to thing about the year in review.)

So, lots of health problems in my family since my last birthday (including my own). But we’re all still here! Even Lizzie, who was SO sick in November. (She’s hanging in there, FYI. Good days, bad days. Kind of like my mom, who probably wouldn’t appreciate the comparison.) This year I’ve lost half my thyroid, gained a lovely scar. Added something like 13 states to my total US states visited (but still didn’t get up to Canada, despite being close enough to the border to listen to their public radio station).

But… this year has been an awesome one in the friendship department. I’ve lucked into (that’s how I feel!) some really fabulous new friendships and discovered real gems among my existing circle. My girlfriends gave me a wonderful pre-birthday birthday on Sunday, and it was fabulous. The best present, though, was the support, laughter, and affection. That’s worth more than gold.

On the whole, I count myself richer this birthday. Even the struggles have made me appreciate what I have. So, happy birthday to me!

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