Teaser Tuesday: The Splendor Falls

I guess it’s not much of a teaser when the book is already out. But the paperback is new, and that means new people who are discovering Sylvie and the mysteries of Bluestone Hill.

So, from The Splendor Falls

        ”That came out all wrong this afternoon.” My tone was half confession, half apology. “I don’t care about money.” I smoothed my hand absently over Dad’s book, the picture of the garden and the rock, and the ghost of this thoughts on the page. “All I want in the world is to be able to dance again.”

        I felt a small shock at the words. I never spoke them aloud. It was to foolish to wish for, too selfish and ungrateful, when I was lucky to be able to walk. But the wish was always there, the seed of all my mystery. Blurting it out was like pulling the ugly white roots of my anger into the light for this guy, who should be a stranger but didn’t feel like one, to see.

        ”It’s late,” I said, even though it wasn’t really. Unable to look at Rhys, I slid out of the chair and went to pick up Gigi, who made a drowsy protest.

        ”Sylvie.” His voice, pitched low, caught me as I turned toward the door. I paused as he straightened from the desk, crossing the small distance. After the slightest hesitation, he touched my arm, and I forced my gaze up to his, just so I wouldn’t have to call myself a coward.