Movie Monday Melting Pot

I’m trying to think of all the movies I’ve seen since I last posted a movie Monday! Since I’ve been spending so much time at home with my sick dog/mom/self, there were a lot, but some of them were viewed during a cold-medicine induced semi-coma, so I don’t particularly remember details.

Oh! I just remembered one.

The A-Team. Mom and I watched this on Christmas Eve, because I was too sick with my cold/flu/plague to go to church. I remember the day because I remarked to Mom that Santa Claus’s trip around the world in one night broke less laws of physics than this movie.

Seriously. Helicopters cannot do loop-de-loops. That’s why they’re helicopters, and not airplanes.

Was it fun? Eh, yeah. But not fun like Ghostrider or Independence Day. Not quite cheesy enough.

Inception. This movie. Was awesome. I missed it in the theatre, and from what I gathered from my friends, you either fell in the love it or hate it category. I am in the first. Incredibly intricate but still so exciting to watch. The girl at Blockbuster was right, though. You cannot be doing anything else while you watch. You have to keep your eye on the screen at all times.

Shutter Island. An example of a really well crafted movie that I never want to watch again. Unfortunately, I watched this the day after Lizzie died, so I was already REALLY down, and this incredible downer of a movie absolutely did not help. I had to watch The Fifth Element twice, back to back, to get the taste of it out of my head.

However, it was a REALLY well made movie. I can’t believe I used to find Leonardo DiCaprio so annoying, thanks to Titanic. I think after he grew too old to play floppy haired teenagers, his real acting chops have shone through. His choice of roles have been brilliant in reinforcing that.

I can think of a number of really well made movies and even TV episodes that I thought were brilliant, but I never want to watch them again. How about you?

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  1. The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies. It never fails to put me in a good mood. Someday I want to write the book equivalent of that movie: wacky science fiction with adventure and action and a true romantic sensibility.


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