It’s 13 degrees outside my house right now. Which doesn’t sound too bad until you factor in the wind chill of -1. NEGATIVE ONE! I think this is officially the coldest wind chill I’ve ever experienced. (Maybe I did go skiing once, but I don’t remember the wind being so cold.)

The Superbowl people are probably freaking out right now. God might love the Cowboys, but He doesn’t seem too fond of Jerry Jones and the “Big Game” host committee right now. Actually, the weather by Sunday will be nice. It’s the travelers that will be disrupted.

People from other parts of the country think that Texans freak out about a little bit of snow. We’ll cancel school for as little as an inch. But the problem with frozen precipitation in North Texas isn’t snow, it’s the ice. We usually get sleet and frozen ice instead of snow, and when we do get snow, it melts then freezes into sheets of ice over the roads, which are much more treacherous. Plus, no one here knows how to drive on the frozen stuff, and we don’t have snowplows.

Also, my dogs are freaking out! They don’t want to go out into the cold. Penny finally sucked it up and did her business but Mom’s dogs… they’re wimps on the best days.

ANYWAY. They’ve warned us that there are going to be rolling blackouts to balance out the power demands. I’ve got a hot carafe of coffee and a fire going. The laptop is all charged up. Hopefully this means we’ll miss out on in in my neighborhood.

IT’s cold all over, so keep warm, guys! Catch you on the defrost!

3 thoughts on “Coldpocalypse”

  1. I hope you survived today! Up here in Canada we were hit with a bunch of snow, but nothing too bad. The dog managed to get himself stuck in a snowdrift though.


  2. I was about to say we just had -13 degrees with the wind chill, and then I saw that you're in Texas and I cringed. That must be a nightmare for you guys. I mean, the cold is for us, too, but at least we're prepared with our super layers and snow plows and stuff. You poor things–and your poor fur babies! How awful for them. Wishing you some warmer weather!


  3. Lauren– Poor dog! Last year we had a record snowfall (which for us is about a foot) and I had to shovel out a spot for the dogs to go walkies. They looked at me like i was nuts. Carolina — Yeah, it's all a matter of what you're used to. We're generally not prepared for this much cold for this many days. People don't know how to dress for it, no one has snow tires, we have sanding trucks for the highways, but they can't do anything for the surface roads…But the nice thing is, it can't last forever. This is Texas, and it will be warm again soon. 🙂


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