Office Excavation with Pictorial Evidence

How can I tell it’s spring? Let me count the ways:

  • My allergies have given me the wet wheeze of an overbred pug.
  • Kids in my neighborhood are out playing on their yard forts.
  • The subdivision pool was getting serviced the other day.
  • The donations at Goodwill are piled up like Mt. Kilimanjaro.

So obviously it’s not just me who gets an insatiable urge to get out with the old and in with the new when the weather turns nice. I think this much go back to some Jungian memory of clearing out the nasty rushes on the floor and the last mouldy turnip in the cellar as winter ends and you can finally open the windows of the castle. (Or hut, as the case may be.)

Yesterday I got the wild hair that I wanted to rearrange my office furniture. Forget that this is a herculean task, given my overstuffed bookshelf and the geologic strata of clutter on my desk. I was going to do and I was going to start Right Now.

First order of business, move my sofa. One the plus side, I found:

  • two art museum posters I don’t even remember buying
  • a bag of 14 signed books (ditto)
  • three pieces of posterboard, now permanently curled
  • one box each of file folders, fancy business stationary, address labels and sheet protectors
  • five years worth of Christmas cards I bought but didn’t send
  • the pieces for the keyboard drawer for my desk
  • some ugly curtains I put up and then hated
  • six desiccated june bug corpses.

On the down side, now I have to figure out what to do with these things. The redecorating has now become a clear out.

The problem with having a clear out (a phrase I picked up from BBC America) is that things have to get worse before they get better:


At this point, I’m thinking about leaving the door open and hoping the hoodlums across the street with their pants around their knees will come in and steal everything. Only I know they’ll only take my stereo and leave all the crap.

Here’s the refrain that gets me in trouble:

But I might still need it!
I swear I’m going to read that soon.
But someone gave that to me! It doesn’t matter if I don’t remember who.
But I can’t recycle that and I hate to put it in the landfill…

I was extremely proud of myself for whittling my lip gloss collection by half.

This is the half I kept. (I may have a slight addiction.)

Here’s one thing I know I don’t need:​

But how can I get rid of THIS find?


Look at my desk! This will last for five minutes.


By bedtime, at least I could see the floor again.


What about you guys? Does spring give you the urge to out with the old? Are you piling up bags for the Salvation Army? Do you know anyone who wants an Apple bluetooth mouse or an old style Apple USB keyboard (pre-chicklet style)?

6 thoughts on “Office Excavation with Pictorial Evidence”

  1. This going to be a challenge, Rose. When I get back from vaca. I'll be having a clear out of my office. I don't think I'll find a tiara or mouse ears but I'm betting it'll be interesting. I will be referencing your blog when I do. Hilarious. I think you should keep the tiara and mouse ears, BTW. Kim Campbell


  2. OMG! That picture of the room made me think of mine! It looks just about like that (except worse!) Hee!I don't get the spring cleaning bug, though hubby would probably prefer it. If you're still itching to do some cleaning, feel free to come do my office. (Really! Anytime! And you can do the rest of the house too if you want!) 😛


  3. OMG, I love that you're willing to show pictures! I once posted a pic of my fridge which was stuffed to the gills just as a joke because both of my kids and my husband claimed there was "nothing to eat." It always does get a LOT worse before it gets better, but worth it in the end!! This year I'm not cleaning but I am doing a garden makeover : ) Hope you are well Rosemary! -Amber


  4. I straightened the office and sewing room–I'm fighting the urge to do the deep organizing. It's too terrifying to excavate the document pile. The part that scares me is the nearly overwhelming drive to clean out the laundry room where all the tools and cleaners are piled up on many, many shelves up to the ceiling and I need the stepladder to reach the top of the pile…must fight…. have homework… have job…


  5. Kim– The tiara and the mouse ears aren't going anywhere. I'm going to wear both to Boas and Tiara in June. Gloria– I'm not sure what's up this year. I have cleaned out my closet, the under-the-sink cabinet, all the mismatched tupperware, and now I'm working on the office. (Which is a much bigger undertaking.) Amber– I'm well, except for the spring fever. 😀 And I love posting pictures, though I'm hesitant to let people see what my office is like on a NORMAL day. Anony– Oh. My. God. My laundry room is a disaster. I've been itching to tackle that, but I have to finish my office first. And also, my book! lol!


  6. I just got home from Japan where spring cleaning is taken to a new level! Traditionally, most Japan citizens hate change as a general rule, but find it easier to stomach if it rolls about with the blooming of Cherry blossoms (AKA Spring) everywhere you went people had their futons rolled out on their roofs and enormous piles of unwanted things outside their homes 🙂 Personally, my mom cleaned my room while I was gone. Within two seconds it was destroyed once again haha. Not so good at the whole organization thing, I guess 😉 -Aliya


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