Los Angeles and Love Shack

Last week I went to Los Angeles for the RT Booklover’s Convention, specifically Saturday’s Teen Day. Here’s my report:

The book fair was crazy. I met so many teen readers, it was amazing. Funny, smart, lovely girls who love reading. (And a couple of smart, charming boys who did, too, but mostly girls.)

(Cassandra Clare must have been dead at the end of things, because her line was in. sane. I feel like we are neighbors, Ms. Clare and I, because we so frequently share a bookshelf. Bookstore neighbors, so I can’t tell you if she would throw raucous parties on a Saturday night, but I can say she gave one of the best answers I’ve heard to the “Do you ever get Writer’s block?” question. I’m stealing saving it for the future.)

Many many book bloggers stopped by my table to say ‘hi,’ and I met even more! I think this whole Social Media Networking thing may catch on. I don’t know. That’s what folks tell me, though I’m just happy to use it as an excuse to whine on Twitter about Too Much Perfume Woman at my gym.

Lauren Willig and I may be secretly the same person, except that she’s composed and adorable and lives in New York which automatically makes her a thousand times more cool than me.

Michele Jaffe made me laugh until bourbon coke came out of my nose.  If you have not read her Bad Kitty, pick it up and save it for when you’re having a sad day. It is the Love Shack of books.

(It is impossible to be in a bad mood after Love Shack by the B-52s comes on the radio. This is a law of the universe, like gravity and the speed of light.)

Speaking of– I had too much fun signing Karaoke on Friday, though it did give me a nice Kathleen Turner huskiness to my reading from Texas Gothic on Saturday.

And I don’t know if it really never rains in Southern California, but man it gets cold. I was inadequately prepared for the freakish cold snap in Los Angeles. It wouldn’t have been so bad except for the rather frigid wind… and the fact I brought one (1) sweater, and it was a thin one.

Question: What am I doing with my one day home?

Answer: Laundry. Tomorrow I head out to Austin for the Texas Library Association’s conference. Yay!

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  1. Oh, now I know why I had such a fun time chatting with you (and reading your book)! I LOVE Lauren Willig!! (If you really want to know how much, just ask her about my surprise finding her at RT).And although it does rain (rarely and only in the "winter"), we've been having freakishly weird/ cold weather this winter. It's not normally like that, I swear. It's gorgeous and warm now… sorry :-/ Have fun at LTA!!!


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