Do you ever do that thing…

Do you ever do something kind of embarrassing, like yelling across a hotel foyer like a hoyden, and then you’re mortified that you were so unprofessional, but then you kind of forget about it for awhile, until suddenly you remember doing it and you’re mortified again a week later but you still want to die just like when you did it in the first place?

Yeah. That keeps happening to me.

I have nothing more profound to say that that. I’m at the Texas Library Associations conference in Austin. If you’re here, come look for me on Thursday at the Author Area. I’m signing books at 2-3pm. Also, they have ARCs of Texas Gothic.

10 thoughts on “Do you ever do that thing…”

  1. I have horrible flashbacks to times I embarrassed myself in little ways, even as a child. Like the time I thought I handed a drawing back to my mother…. but it wasn't my mother, and the woman at the store made some dumb "Oh, is this for me?" joke.No.


  2. I'm the same way! I did the same thing- latched onto the legs of a lady at mcdonald's who looked like my mom from my 3-4 year line of sight, and who was kind of like "um who are you and why are you attached to my legs??" Funny but still makes me cringe! Wish I was there to get my hands on a copy of Texas Gothic! Love, love love the Splendor Falls, and Maggie Quinn. Have a great day tomorrow!


  3. Thanks, Nicole! I'm so excited about Texas Gothic coming out. I can't wait for y'all to read it. I want to talk about it with my readers! (I should start a forum or something for spoiler-ific talk about the books.)


  4. Ugh, I want one desperately! I can't wait all the way till July…Just last weekend I was on the front porch at the end of a date saying goodnight when he went for a high-five and I went for a hug. If that wasn't awkward enough, two guys that live next door walked by and saw it. I think about it all the time…lol.


  5. Breanna, I read your comment to my two hotel roomies and we all went "Awwww!" at the same time. (That's a oh so sad we've been there "aw")And omg, everyone's been telling me about the chupacabra Bones episode! Thank you for the link! ( I watch that show all the time, but I'm in Austin. )


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