I blog therefore I am

If ever there was a love/hate relationship, it has got to be the one between me and Social Media Networking.

I’ve mentioned before that I love to blog and tweet–mostly tweet–but once you start calling it “Social Media Networking” it really takes all the fun out of it.

Once I start thinking about blogging and tweeting as networking, it becomes, well, work. And then I look at my Google Stats and I see that the search that gets the most hits to my blog are Richard Burton and Funny Dog Pictures and then I get depressed.

The thing is, I don’t blog or tweet or facebook to sell books–I use it to connect with my readers (as well as friends, colleagues, and random people I find funny and/or insightful). Sure I also use it to get the word out when I have book news, releases, or signings, but that’s part of that connection.

By far my favorite part is when I can interact with readers. I love to get email and comments. I am delighted that so many of my readers are as clever and funny as I try to draw the characters in my books. I used to be hesitant to respond to Tweets or Blog posts that came up in searches on my name (it seemed weird and a little egotistical), but a quick ‘thank you’ comment or reply has yielded some delightful exchanges. Like this one:

Caillie @darcybear When I was a kid they had lobsters in the tank at the store. I tried to free them when I was about 6… It ended badly.

darcybear @Caillie Because lobsters are Evil. They belong in a Maggie Quinn book by @rclementmoore.

rclementmoore @darcybear @caillie But…. I like lobsters. With butter, please. Potatoes on the side.

Caillie @rclementmoore You eat EVIL for dinner! #Isawed #andalittleconcerned

darcybear @Caillie It’s true. @rclementmoore DOES eat Evil for dinner.

rclementmoore I totally want this as my next cover blurb-> RT @darcybear @Caillie It’s true. @rclementmoore DOES eat Evil for dinner. #bestblurbever

Caillie @rclementmoore You totally should use it!

darcybear @rclementmoore @Caillie You SHOULD use it. I give you the Official Laura Authority to use my tweets as blurbs.

So I had to take her up on it:


For the record, this random exchange TOTALLY made up for finding a one star review that said my book was “so boring [she] wanted to die.” Which, you know, is the DOWNSIDE of Social Media Networking. (And Google Alerts.)

But when the Internet reminds me (painfully) that not everyone is going to like my books as much as my mother does, the same Infernal network allows me to connect with the people who DO ‘get’ me, and vice versa–lovers of books, cupcakes and snark.

But not, apparently, lobsters.


7 thoughts on “I blog therefore I am”

  1. I stand by my earlier statements: Lobsters are Evil. Nothing with that many legs could be a force of good, no matter how delicious-tasting it might be.


  2. Caillie — my mom taught me to make a wish when I see a cardinal, and they're red! They must be the exception! (Also they don't have evil pinchers, which is good. A cardinal with pinchers would be… something Rosemary eats for dinner?) :)Rosemary — NOTHING you write could be boring, you just ignore the heck out of that silly (RUDE) statement! I worry about some people's karma, I really do.


  3. Caillie– I'm with you on the pinchers, but I'm with tammara– I love cardinals. Maybe it's the exoskeleton. Nothing good can come of a creature with an exoskeleton. (Except tasty dinner, of course.)Tammara, you are so sweet. To be fair, TSF is a long book with a slow, subtle build. The first time I read that someone "hated" it, it was a stab to the heart. But one person will love the same thing that another person hates, so I just have to let it go. (I'm getting better at it.)


  4. First of all AWESOME NEW Blog set up or cover or whatever it is. This is GORGEOUS.Second, when it comes to lobsters, crabs and the like I Always wonder who the 'Mikey' was- possibly showing my age with a cereal commercial reference. Not really the first person who looked at a lobster and said, " Hmmm, let's boil it and see what happens." So much as the first person who said, "I'll eat it and let you know." And for the record, I named all of the lobsters in my grocery store's tanks, um, when I was little. Yeah, we'll go with that. I don't really do it anymore… at least outloud.And yeah, ignore the cranky people. I work retail. I ignore vast swaths of the general public professionally. With a smile, of course.


  5. @laughingpaws re: the new colors. Thanks! It's kind of like redecoration. That's why I can't totally turn over webdesign to anyone. And LOL. That reminds me of the (I think) Jonathan Swift quote: "Twas a brave man who first ate an oyster."


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