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A quick informational update, since I’ve been so quiet on the blog lately. If my sporadic posts here aren’t enough for you, makes sure you follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook. You can also find me every Friday on Genreality (writing related) and once a month on YA Outside the Lines (general blathering).

For teen writers: Something cool if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The DFW Writer’s Workshop (my Wednesday night critique group that I talk about all the time) is sponsoring a summer writing program for teens ages 13-17. It meets weekly starting on Saturday June 18th through July (minus July 4th weekend). We’ll have a little bit of instruction from published and experienced writers as well as time for writing, and for guided critique. The cost? It’s free! You can find out more right here.

For any writer: I’m teaching an online class on loglines, pitches and queries. Just how DO you interested an editor or agent in your wonderful manuscript? This class will tell you. It’s also useful if you haven’t finished (or started) a novel, because you can use what makes a great pitch to plot a great novel. The class is through the YA chapter of the RWA, and you can find out more and register here. The cost is $10 for non-YARWA members. (Free for members.)

You guys do realize that I do these “where to find RCM” posts so that *I* can remember what I’m supposed to be doing, right?

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