Planes, Trains & Automobiles 2011

I’m off again, combining business and fun, mooching couch space from friends and seeing parts of the US I haven’t seen before. (And some I have.)

The highlights:

Birmingham, AL (Where I’ll be speaking at the Homewood library on Saturday, July 25 at 1pm, along with other YA authors, about… well, writing YA, what else.)

Amtrak’s Crescent line from Birmingham to NYC. Lot’s of time to write!

NYC for the RWA National Convention. (Booksigning with a million authors on Tuesday night!)

Massachusetts, to visit with friends for the Fourth of July. I have never been to New England, and I’m so excited.

And finally flying home. That’s the big straight line on the map below.

I’ll be testing out Tumblr (which I have had but haven’t used) to microblog about the trip. If you want to follow along with me, head on over there and bookmark or follow me. (I’ll post some here, too.)

Here’s a map of my trip.

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