Texas Gothic

Texas Gothic Release Day


So, Texas Gothic comes out today.


I’m just a little excited about that. I would like to pretend I’m all blasé about a new book release and ho hum, it’s my fifth book so whatever.

But the fact is, I’m all tied up with nerves and hopes and fears and more hopes…

This is the book my dad and I plotted together when I was sixteen. This is the one I started first, the high school boyfriend I left behind when I went to college, but eventually met up with again. The setting is an eyes-open love letter to the place I grew up, not perfect, but beautiful and full of people and things that, good or bad, you won’t find anywhere else.

There’s so much of me in this book. There’s spitfire romance and matinee adventure and family dramady. There’s forensic anthropology and paranormal investigation. There’s girl power and there’s boy crazy. There’s Sonic cherry limeade and Dr Pepper and Shiner beer and coffee and chocolate chip cookies. There’s nods to Mrs. Radcliffe, Kathy Reichs, and Carolyn Keene. And yes, even to Scooby Doo.

Amy Goodnight is full of neuroses and awesome, who plunges into danger with a sense of righteousness and a bottle of Purell. Is it any wonder I feel so close to this book?

So, for me, book release day isn’t just about “will the book perform well,” or even about “will people like it.” A book is a collaborative effort, in a way. I put all these things in there, and ask you, the reader, to come along to the story. You bring your own experiences, which enhance and nuance the story so it becomes unique to you, too. So the excitement, in a way, is anticipation of what readers will take away from the book, and hope that it’s a wonderful shared experience.

Or, they will think I’m a nut. That’s okay, too, I guess. As long as they enjoy the read.

You can get Texas Gothic at your local retailer. (Ask for it if they don’t have it on the shelf. It may have sold out already and we want them to order more!) It’s also available in all e-reader formats and from online booksellers. There’s a whole list of online retailer links here.

Or ask for it at your local library! You don’t have to buy a book to help an author. Letting your librarian know there’s a demand for the book is important!

Here’s a list of my upcoming signings and appearances!

Saturday, July 16th at 1pm: Barnes and Noble at the Parks Mall in Arlington, TX.

Saturday, August 6th at 2 pm: Barnes and Noble at the Shops at North East Mall in Hurst, TX.

Saturday, August 20 at 4:30pm: Murder by the Book in Houston, TX.

August 26-28: ArmadilloCon in Austin, TX

September 23-25: FenCon in Dallas, TX

Happy Reading!

7 thoughts on “Texas Gothic Release Day”

  1. I just blogged about your book today. I stumbled across it in a Goodreads sidebar a couple days ago and the cover and title pulled me in right away. I was so glad to read the description and realize it sounded like the type of story I'd want to read. Planning to get your book, just not sure yet if ordering an ebook or buying copy. My local store allows for buying ebooks through their website (via indiebound) so if it's there I'll do that.Congratulations on your book!


  2. I downloaded Texas Gothic on Kindle this morning. I'm not too far in but I ALREADY LOVE IT.I love it the kind of love that makes me look for breaks while at work to read a few more pages. (Longest stretch so far – on phone with help center for computer error which ordinarily would irritate me but today provided the perfect excuse).I love it the kind of love that made me already recommend it to two like-reading-minded colleagues.I love it the kind of love that will keep me reading until late tonight so I can finish it (when I'm already going to be up late this week for an HP7 midnight showing OMG!) I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it the kind of love that makes me read it over and over.I love it the kind of love that makes me want to get online and order every other book you've written. Which I will probably do once I'm done.Congratulations on your book birthday from one newly converted reader who is thoroughly enjoying Amy's journey (and I can just tell I haven't even gotten to the really good parts yet!)


  3. I just finished Texas Gothic and I just absolutely loved it! I really hope that Amy and the Goodnight Family will continue on in future novels. Wonderful!


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