Texas Gothic

Texas Gothic in the Wild

I love it when people send me pictures of my book in the wild, whether it’s on a bookstore shelf, their desk, or wherever.  Especially when the picture includes an adorable dog.

@rclementmoore IT IS HERE, IT IS HERE! #papillonnotincluded on Twitpic
(pic from reader @Laurenisaguitar on Twitter)

Here’s another one! It’s becoming a meme!

(From Kari’s IMM post over on A Good Addiction)

It’s no secret I love dogs.  Here’s one of mine (sans book) to round things out:

5 thoughts on “Texas Gothic in the Wild”

  1. Lindsay– lol! I always had big dogs (usually a German Shepherd mix) until I got Lizzie (my chihuahua/papillon) and Penny (the white dog in the middle of the picture) followed. The other two dogs in that picture are my mom's, who round out our pack. Lauren–He's so cute, how could I not post that! I probably should have asked first.


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