I’m leaving in the morning for a road trip to Minnesota. Yes, another trip. This one is personal (with one side trip to someplace that appears in the next book). Mom and I are heading up to the First Ever Boonaker family reunion. We’ve got relatives coming from Canada and the Netherlands and everything.

And Mom and I are driving up from Texas. No planes, no trains, just one VW and a lot of snacks.

Here’s Mom’s contribution to the car snacks:

Zone protein bars, three varieties.
Raw almonds.
Annie’s organic graham cracker bunnies.
Green tea, with tea kettle.

Here’s my contribution:

Sour Gummi Worms, one package
Twizzlers, one package (even though I vowed it would be a lot time before I ate them again after the HP Movie Marathon)
Gummi Cola Bottles, two bags.
Coke, six pack.
Chex Mix, three bags, three varieties.

Oh, and red pepper hummus and pretzel chips.

If you want to follow the fun, follow my Tweets (@rclementmoore) or Facebook or my Tumblr, which is pretty much just places I go (and apparently things I eat).

And yes, I will be working on my book while on this trip. And nope, I’m not going to tell you which location will be in it, though it will be part of the travel blog.

We’ve been trying to come up with a name for this trip. So far people have suggested:

Beat the Heat
Operation: Escape the heat
The Reunion Tour

Personally, after I just marked the route on the map, I think I should call it Where in the World is Rosemary Clement-Moore. (Or WWRCM for short.) Though I guess it would be Where in the US is RCM. (WUSRCM?)

3 thoughts on “WUSRCM?”

  1. Hi! Have a safe and super trip!This is my first time here, at your blog. And I just finished "Texas Gothic." F-U-N!Who am I? 🙂 Guess I'm *The World's Oldest YA Reader*! 74 and a Nana and I love-me-my-YA-novels. 🙂 Actually got into YA, when I found "Twilight" by myself. Then found out that my Granddaughter was a fan. Now I have 3 Grands who read YA. :-)Must get my hands on your "The Splendor Falls," now.Again, have a safe trip and a great family reunion. And tell your Mom she's a lucky gal, having a Daughter who takes a road trip, with her.Gentle hugs,"Aunt Amelia""Aunt Amelia's Attic" blog at WordPress


  2. -chuckle- "The Splendor Falls"? Of course I've already read it!!! How could I think that I'd missed a great atmospheric book like that? Silly me!Gotta' ask Grands if they have.Gentle hugs…


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