Review Link-a-rama (Bookanistas)

Hey super friends. I’m home from Minnesota (fabulous time, fantastic weather, very long drive). Diving straight into writing, plus I’ve got a bunch of events still this month. So it’s going to be awhile before I can do another Bookanista post, but I’ll try and remember to link to the other fantastic recommendations out there.

Plus, if you’re a writer, you might want to check out Write On Con. It’s an ONLINE (and free) Writer’s Conference. I contributed a video last year (that’s still archived, I believe) and there are even more fantastic posts and videos about writing, revising, and making your book awesome.

So here you go. Cool stuff for readers and writers (and both). More from me soon.

WE INTERRUPT THIS BOOKANISTA BROADCAST…to celebrate WRITE ON CON!  For some fun writer insights and pep talks, click along to…
Christine Fonseca , Beth Revis , Jessi Kirby and Stasia Ward Kehoe

And, we know you MUST have your Thursday Bookanista reviews so here you go!
Veronica Rossi loves Legend
Shana Silver serves up a Maureen Johnson double feature of The Last Little Blue Envelope & The Name of the Star
Scott Tracey  is awed by Anna Dressed in Blood
Bethany Wiggins howls over How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend
Carrie Harris is in a frenzy over Stupid Fast
Gretchen McNeil  is spellbound by Witch Eyes
Carolina Valdez Miller  and Shelli Johannes-Wells are passionate about Possess
Matt Blackstone blogs From Bedside