John Carter and Other Things I’m Excited About

Let’s just get this out of the way. I am pretty darn excited that TEXAS GOTHIC was named one of Kirkus Reviews BEST BOOKS OF 2011. So that’s my big news.

But what REALLY motivated me to get off my duff and blog for the first time in weeks is the release of the trailer for John Carter [of Mars]. 

Okay, I have seriously this thing four times this morning. This classic pulp sci-fi series from Edgar Rice Burroughs was one of my first introductions to science fiction and, along with the Tarzan books, one of my dad’s very favourites. (My father was dyslexic long before they knew what that was, but he was a dedicated reader. I actually own his complete collection of the 1940s editions, which sold for 10 cents, for real. Bikini clad princesses and all.) 

Anyway. Here’s the trailer. The story is about a weary and disaffected Civil War soldier who is mysteriously transported to Mars, where there is a war between two races, and there are martian beasts and flying ships and very large green men and ALL KINDS OF AWESOME. 

If it doesn’t embed properly, you can go over to io9 to watch it there, or to IGN to see it in HD


(I totally watched it AGAIN to make sure it embedded right.)

Other things I’m excited about: 

1. That Kirkus Reviews thing. Imaging being included in such a list of wonderful books, like Beauty Queens by Libba Bray and Chime by Franny Billingsley (which I recommended here.)

2. Getting back to blogging.

3. Starting a new book project (or two or three that I will eventually have to decide between).

4. Being in Arizona, which is incredibly beautiful, and hopefully not having any more panic attacks today.

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6 thoughts on “John Carter and Other Things I’m Excited About”

  1. lol. Yeah, it's one of those things that's old enough you have to be a certain *type* of nerd to know about. But it's one of those series that's been TALKED about being made into a movie for decades, and it's so rich with… well, totally awesome stuff!


  2. I know the feeling. My Congress-critter is John Carter, and every time I get spam from him, I get this little flutter of excitement that it's something about Mars… and then reality slumps in with disappointment.So, definitely *squeeee!*


  3. Dan — I used to watch ER, and I think half my affection for the character John Carter was his name.Jack– Yeah, my ONE thing I'm sad about this movie is that my Dad isn't here to watch it with me. He would be BESIDE himself with excitement. (I may have to buy an extra ticket when I go to the movies and keep a seat open beside me. ;-D


  4. Yum Rosemary I totally invented an excuse to embed that trailer on my blog too! I am running down 24 days of holiday drinking and I gave Sunday's post a Red Planet theme so I could look at Tim Riggins with his shirt off one… more… time.http://yourneighborhoodlibrarian.blogspot.com/2011/12/advil-calendar-2011-sunday-december-11.htmlPS just finished Texas Gothic last night and what a blast! Love your books: why Maggie Quinn hasn't gotten her own series yet is beyond me!


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