Scalding Hot Blog Post. Really.

Do you ever do that thing where you’ve put off doing something for so long that you actually put of doing it because you’re embarrassed you’ve put if off for so long? 
That’s how I feel about this blog. I was going to write an end of the year post. Then I was going to write a beginning of the year post. And now it’s ten days into 2012. So instead of telling you why it took me so long to get my year started, I’ll tell you why it took me so long to get my morning started. 
Since I’ve been sleeping well for the first time in a LONG time, I’ve actually become… Okay, not a  morning person. But coherent and less likely to slice open my finger while cutting a bagel.  But thanks to a storm, and my dog having to go out (twice) in the middle of it, and drying her off, and drying ME off, I didn’t get much sleep. 
So I stumbled through my morning routine, sticking a gluten-free waffle in the toaster and pouring my cup of coffee. Only I slosh scalding coffee on my thumb, then tipped over the cup and suddenly there’s a coffee waterfall over the counter and onto the floor.  Then as I’m mopping it up with a kitchen towel, I stand up and brain myself on the open cabinet door. THEN, as I’m reeling from that, my mom comes in, sniffing, and asks, “Is something burning in the toaster?” 
After that start to my morning, I figured should think twice about driving or operating heavy machinery. So, finally, a blog post. 
It figures I would start this blog back up just days before I set off on The Killer Death Cruise*. Especially from the Cruise Ship, which charges $50 an hour for internet. At that rate, it would cost me $1 a Tweet. So there will actually be a reason for me to be incommunicado. 
Well, there’s always a reason. But a GOOD one, and not just lounging on my couch watching reruns of CSI: NY. 
Because I’m apparently 60 years old now. Going on cruises. Watching crime dramas. *sigh*  What’s next? Pajamas in the daytime? 
Oh. Hell. I already do that, too. 
*I am going on a cruise because Mr. RCM was awarded one as a bonus from his company. I’m claustrophobic, motion-sick, heat and sun intolerant, as well as Internet dependent.  More on this tomorrow.