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Upcoming Events, Should I Survive

This Saturday morning from 10am-noon, I’ll be teaching a writing class at the Yellow Rose RWA chapter in Grapevine, TX. The class is called “Method Writing: Using the Actor’s Toolkit to bring your prose to life.”  Or something like that. The subtitle changes every time I type it. But it’s basically about using acting skills to bring realistic emotion to your writing. (ETA: It’s not focused on writing Romance specifically. It’s a class any genre can use.)

Details about the meeting and location are on the chapter website. They welcome visitors, and according to the website, everyone goes out to lunch afterward so hey, if you ever wanted to go to lunch with me, this is your chance.

Maybe your last chance, since on SUNDAY I leave on the Killer Death Cruise (TM). Only last night that started to freak me out, so it’s now called the Cruise of Potential Delights.

So, the deal is this. I have to go on a cruise. For free. Mr. RCM was awarded this from his company because he’s that awesome at his job.  Well, I’m rather fond of Mr. RCM, so there didn’t seem to be a good way to say, “Congratulations and have a good time” if I wanted him to remain fond of ME.

(Yes, Sally. I know it’s a ridiculous problem to have. I ALSO could not find a tactful way to say, “Hey, Mr. RCM. This is my friend Sally. She’s going with you in my place. I’m sure Mr. Sally won’t mind.”)

So how is this a problem? Well, I’m a pasty, sun-sensitive, motion-sick, neurotic, for one thing. (Okay, four things.)  And, oh yeah, I have panic attacks in… well, in a variety of situations, 90% of which will be manifested in a ship in the middle of the water with no way out which I am not steering or in any way in control of. Yeah. So that’s a problem.

Just to amuse me, my friends have actually started a betting pool  of all the disasters that could happen while I’m sailing the Caribbean. Here are just some of the slots taken:

1. Zombie pirates. (A little obvious, I think.)
2. Mutant bipedal shark attack.
3. Migratory Killer Bee Swarm
4. Plague.
5. Iceburg.

That’s the kind of friends I have. I’m so blessed, really. I’m going to miss them when those zombie pirates come for me.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Events, Should I Survive”

  1. Well, you could use your fear constructively, and spend the cruise plotting out the netherworld disaster that strikes poor Maggie on her next vacation. Sailing the Bermuda Triangle anyone? Summoning elder gods from the depths, perhaps? Suicidal Sous-chef? Have fun, stay safe, and know where your lifeboat is.


  2. I'm gonna go with… the six foot eight Norwegian in the room beside yours turns out to be an ancient Viking with the intent of using your cruise ship to begin looting and plundering once again.


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