Pirate Blogging Day One

I caved. Bought a WiFi package. Watching all these programs on the shipboard TV about shopping in George Town and Montego Bay convinced me. Duty free designer sunglasses? $150.  Emotional connection to the rest of the world in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico? Priceless.

So here are the Tweets I would have sent over the last 18 hours if I weren’t on International Data Rates.  

 1:15 pm Winding line to security. Winding line to check in. Winding ramp to boat. Did not realize I was walking to Cozumel.

 1:45 pm  Crowded elevator on a crowded cruise ship. Um. No. Goodbye worst nightmare. Hello stairs to the Lido Deck.

 2:00pm All the ceilings in this place are really low. 😦

 2:01pm Panic attack. Dammit.

 2:30pm Managed not to abandon ship. Of course, we haven’t left port yet. Walking around the open decks is helping. Stupid adrenaline.

 3:45pm Safety briefing painless. Now there’s just the lifeboat drill to get through, and I think I’ll be okay. 

 4:15pm  How is it that on a ship with this many people, I keep running into the same annoying ones?

 5:00pm  Goodbye Galveston!

 6pm Dinner. I am so doped on Dramamine, I hope I can carry on a conversation.

 7:30pm  Dinner was delicious. Stuck to diet, except for desert. Creme brulee was probably not a wise way to fall of the wagon.

 8:45pm Yep. Not wise at all.

 9:30pm Doped on Dramamine and a 5 am start to my day. Going to bed. So. Very. Lame.

 Monday 1am  Creme brulee was SUCH a mistake after a month of nothing richer than the half-and-half in my coffee.

 8am Wrapped in bathrobe on the deck of my stateroom. Water, water everywhere and yummy coffee to drink.

 9am Still in bathrobe.

 10am Showered. Back in bathrobe. And now I’m going to post this blog and go knock around the ship. It’s a big ship, I should go see some of it! 

 P.S. I’m not answering my email, and probably won’t comment much!

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