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Cruise Tweets Day 1.5

Monday 11:45am Ooo. Half price mimosas before noon.

 12:30pm omg. I’m actually having a good time. Maybe it’s the mimosa?

 2:15pm So. Sleepy. Maybe it’s the mimosa? Or the Dramamine. Ooops. #badjudgement

 5:15pm Formal attire night. Mr. RCM is dressed in his tux. I suggest he pick up $$ as a strolling violinist. He says we’re going to be late. (This was too long for a tweet.)

 5:18pm Spanx dance.

 9:00pm Skipped desert at dinner (see above re: Spanx). Remedying this oversight on Lido deck now. 

Tweets posted. Nook opened. Pajamas on. Tomorrow, Cozumel.