Cruise Tweets Day 2

Day 2, right? It feels like longer than that. The theme of today’s tweets is “overshare.” Here are today’s tweets: 

 8:00 am. Hello Cozumel. I’ve been to tourist Mexico before, and beaches have sand, so I’m staying on the ship today.

 9:00 am. Shaving my legs is SO much easier when the boat is docked.

 9:30 am.  I have my pick of shady lounge chairs! There is no line at the buffet line! Disembarkation is for wusses. 

 10:02 am. The View is on the jumbotron over the pool. 1st story = cruise ship wreck. This is like watching Airport ’76 on the inflight movie.

 10:03 am. Ha! Someone changed the channel. Picturing the Cruise Director’s mad scramble for the remote control.

 10:45 am Oh, here’s Mother Nature, and she’s brought a gift for me. My life is a Tampax commercial.

 10:47  am. Did I really just Tweet that, even if only in my head? What if only I think it’s funny enough to balance out the TMI?

 The mid-day hypothetical tweets go like this:  Reading. Dozing. Eating. (repeat)

 5:59 pm. Miss Marple unmasked the murderer just in time for dinner.  Convenient. Also convenient that it was not a poisoner.

  9:40 pm. On our way to Grand Cayman, where I will attempt to actually get off the ship.

 *waving* Hi Mom! I’m still fine! No mutant shark attacks (yet)! Love, Me.

2 thoughts on “Cruise Tweets Day 2”

  1. I actually did not see/hear that story until I was already on the way to Galveston, and I didn't hear how bad it was until I was already at sea, with no going back. Might have had something to do with Sunday's panic attack. Definitely had something to do with buying internet so I can update my blog. I'm doing this for my Mom as much as for me. And as Mr. RCM says (correctly,I think) don't you think everyone is going to be super vigilent


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