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Cruise Day… 3?

I’ve given up on the tweet format, because it’s a pain to count characters by hand. So here is the prose version:

Tonight’s report is coming to you from the Lido Deck, where I’m sprawled in a deck chair watching Iron Man on the Jumbotron. It’s like a drive movie. I hear there are night clubs in this ship. I wouldn’t know. That’s for grown ups. (There’s also a casino, which I know because you have to go through it to get to the coffee bar.)

This morning we arrived at Grand Cayman, and I actually got off the ship. Which was an adventure, because there’s not a cruise ship pier in George Town, so you have to take launches from the ship to shore. This was delayed, and delayed, and finally Mr. RCM and I got to shore about noon, after two and a half hours waiting for a launch.

 So not much time in George Town. Saw a lot of banks. Send post cards. Ate lunch. Headed back to get ahead of the line.

 So the day I actually do something, I don’t really have much to tweet. It basically went: wait wait wait, rocky boat, walk walk walk, wait, rocky boat, nap. That’s my Grand Cayman experience. (Beautiful place, though. The water is so blue! <–Obvious cliche is obvious. But true.)

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