Cruise, Day Whatever

(I have no idead why there are no line breaks in my posts. Possibly something in the way I’m copy/pasting them. I’ll have to fix them when I get home. ETA: Fixed, all the way back to the first day.)

Short update tonight, just so Mom knows I’m okay and my friends don’t up the stakes on the sci-fi disaster pool.

 Arrived in Montego Bay this morning, and I have to say, Jamaica may be one of the most beautiful tropical places I’ve ever seen.

 Went into town, saw some of the old parts of Montego Bay, walked down the hip strip where the shops are… Got offered a lot of things that weren’t for sale in the shops. “Sorry, mon. I have too many control issues to indulge in mood altering substances.”

 The people here really do seem to be very friendly. Everyone wants to offer you a deal (not even that kind of deal) but they’re good natured if you refuse. I hear it’s a little different in Kingston; this side of the island is resort-friendly.

 The only sad part of today was that the heat and sun touched off a migraine. I’m just not a heat and sun person. A few hours in a dark stateroom helped, but I’ll definitely be calling it an early night.

 Tomorrow, all day at sea! All day lounging in the shade with a virgin colada and the 20 books on my Nook. (This is by far my favorite part of cruising. What? Nothing to do but lay around and read? Darn it!)

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