Snot Much of a Party

Is it sad that I updated this blog every day when I was out of the country, and can’t seem to manage once a week when I’m home?  (Actually, it’s not weird. Lots of time to update a blog while on a cruise ship. If that makes it sound boring (I’m looking at you, Kate) let me offer a translation of RCM-speak.

What I tweet:  “I’m just lying in the shade by the pool reading a book between naps.”

What I mean:  “I am now able to pry my fingernails from the stateroom ceiling without pharmacological assistance.”

My Frontal Sinus Cavity (Dramatization)

And speaking of pharmacological assistance… The tweet column (see left) has been quiet for days because the cold from hell turning into the sinus infection from hell.  This happens every year. Mr. Virus moves in, interior decorates with snot and misery, then when he moves on, he sublets my cranial spaces to his frat brother, Joey Bacteria.

So when Joe started throwing fire code breaking parties in my skull (see right), I finally broke down and went to the doctor. Now I have an antibiotic eviction notice.

End result, my head is starting to feel better but the medicine makes everything taste funny.

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