Teaser Tuesday – Hot Cover

Here’s a taste of the cover of Brimstone, the two-in-one reissue of my first two books. Let’s hope the book is as hot as the cover:

And here’s a teaser from a randomly picked page inside:

        You wouldn’t think that a day could go downhill after dreaming you were on the roll call for Hell. But it did.
        “Have you voted for the class song yet?” A student council drone shoved a half-sheet of paper in my face. Astrobright Orange is painful at any time of day, but at seven-thirty a.m. it was vomit inducing. Also, the only thing perky I want in front of me at that hour is a coffeemaker. Since the drive-thru line at Take-Your-Bucks had streched to Canada, I was still severely caffeine deprived.  

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