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Anthropological Me

Spring makes me crazy. 

I want to do crazy things like buy a bicycle and bike to the grocery and the coffee shop like I lived in some quaint English village on BBC, ignoring the fact that in a few weeks it will be 90 degrees by 8:30 in the morning and the closest coffee shop is the Starbucks on the Interstate. 

Not me.

I would fill the basket (because of course the bicycle would have a basket on the handlebars) with delicious fresh produce that I will bring home and actually eat. And maybe a baguette. Spring makes me want to be the girl from the Anthropologie catalogue. 

Hey, maybe I’ll go to the farmer’s market instead! 

Or maybe I’ll plant a vegetable garden, in addition to the flower beds I want to put in and lovingly tend, even though the summer heat and drought watering restrictions will doom them to a short, but beautiful, existence. 

Not my house.

Spring makes me break out my rose scented dusting powder so I smell as old fashioned as my name.

Apparently spring turns me into Miss Marple. All I need to do is solve crime. 

I have coffee on the porch. I clean my office and find utility bills from 2008 behind my desk. I make huge stacks of books to give to the library. I actually dust my ceiling fan. 

None of this will last, of course. By the end of May I’ll be hibernating during the daylight hours, away from the heat and car exhaust. I’ll contribute to it by driving to the grocery store for Tostitos and Reeses peanut butter cups. 

But at least the weather will no longer be such a temptation pulling me away from work. 

Do you get spring fever? What do you long to do when the weather gets nice, even if it’s totally impractical. 

(P.S. In looking for pictures, I discovered that not only does Anthropology carry bicycles like the one above, but cruiser bikes have become quite the thing. If I point out that I had one of those in college and was mocked for it, does that make me a hipster?)

6 thoughts on “Anthropological Me”

  1. Both of my kids have spring birthdays, so I use all that spring fever energy to overdecorate their cupcakes and clean up the playroom to make room for new things. By the time Easter hits I'm usually done for and back to barely moving. Which is a shame, because I'm sure there are bills from 2006 behind my desk. If only I'd go and rescue them.


  2. Yeah, I usually go into a frenzy of cupcake decorating for Easter, then wear myself out and don't want to cook for two weeks. (We have a lot of November/December birthdays here, so by Christmas I'm so done with making of the merry.) And to be honest, if I wasn't going back there to plug in the new printer, I never would have found those things.


  3. I used to think that cycling was out of the question for me too, due to long distances and proximity to the interstate. But last year, I got a folding bike, and it fits in my trunk. So while I still drive most days, cycling really has become part of my life.


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