My Day at Ye Olde Faire

So, don’t tell anyone, Internet, but on Sunday I played hooky from book revisions to go with my girlfriends to the nearby renaissance festival, Scarborough Faire. No, my friends are not named Parsley, Sage and Thyme. That would be weird (but awesome). Though possibly not as weird (but awesome) as some of the things we saw at the ren faire.

One of us had never been to such a thing before, and marveled at the amount of work people put into their costumes and crafts.

Only one of us dressed in costume. (Though more of us could have, if we’d been so inclined. As someone once said, “Fandom means never having to ask yourself ‘But where will I wear that?'”)

One of us measured distance by pub lengths. We’ll call her “Sage” because it starts with the same letter as “Sarcastic.” Sarcastic people are even funnier when they’re slightly drunk.

One of us asked a whole lot of weaponry questions and made many friends with reenactors that way. (Seriously, if you want to get on a nerd’s good side, just ask him about his hobby.)

All of us had a great time, which I will recap for you in a feature I like to call…

10 Things We Said at the Ren Faire

1) *Cannon shot goes off* “Another tribute has fallen.” *beat* “Hungerrrrr Gaaaames!”

2) “We should start a band called ‘Chain Mail Bikini.'”

3) “There were no health codes in the renaissance.” Me: “I am SO not eating here.”

4) “Where do you suppose I could get a headman’s axe like that?”

5) “Do you think they have the chupacabra in the Museum of Monsters?”

6) *Handsome knights ride bay on horseback.* “Dibs on the paladin.”

7) Thyme: “Do you think that lady would mind if I take a picture of her dress?” Sage: “Yes. I’m sure she put all that work into her costume so people would NOT be impressed by it.”

8) *Guy with wheelbarrow goes by.* Parsley, “Bring out your dead!”

9) Me: “Who’s your new friend.” Parsley, dressed as a witch with a cat-type thing on her shoulder, “I don’t know, but he totally made out with my familiar.”

10) “Want to make something art in the renaissance? Put an ‘e’ on it.
And finally, pictures:


I am, by the way, a natural with the bow. HUNGGGGER GAAAAAMES!!!!

Okay readers. Poll time!  If you could time travel to any point in history (AND have running water and sanitary food preparation conditions) when would it be?

9 thoughts on “My Day at Ye Olde Faire”

  1. Steampunk wouldn't count, would it? If not, either the Victorian, Elizabethan (so I can stalk Shakespeare and his friends), or to the Golden Age of Greece, see if Achilles is as big of a jerk as the Iliad says, and, you know, see Troy, maybe even Sparta.


  2. Well, I think I already set up an alternate reality with the running water stipulation, so Steampunk should TOTALY count. (There was a LOT of steampunk stuff at the shops (shoppes) at the faire. In fact, it was "Time Travelers Weekend" so there were a lot of Doctor Who's as well.)


  3. Been watching a lot of old classroom films lately, and I think I'd like to go back to America in the 1940's and 50's. It AMAZES me that there are people living today who grew up watching these things, and yet the values and concerns of that era are already so alien to us that we treat it like a museum exhibit. (Or an Emmy-winning drama on AMC, whichever.)


  4. Yeah, "Put an 'e' on it" is our new catch phrase. If we had a catch phrase. Ancient China would be fascinating. It's a period that I've only lightly investigated, mostly if there's a museum exhibit or something. I'm intrigued by the science and art, mostly.


  5. Agreed. I love 40's and 50's movies, and it is amazing that with in a generation, it's like an alien culture. I really admire the value placed on work, service and family, and I don't understand why we can't keep that without giving up the progress made in civil rights and gender equality. In other words, I'd get in trouble really quickly if I went back to the 50's.


  6. Sometimes, I pretend that I believe in reincarnation…this leads me to feel that I was a Roman in a past life. So I'd pick to live during the Roman Empire. I think it would be fascinating!


  7. Thanks for reminding me it's Faire time. Took my youngest son today and we both had fun. You're right about steampunk mixing in with the Rennaissance crowd. However, I also saw one fella in Civil War regalia and two cowboys dressed in chaps and spurs (but they may have just gotten off work – the faire is held way out in the sticks).Kyle (since Google isn't displaying my name for some reason).


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