My Writing "Process," The Pictorial Guide

As an individual, I generally have it more or less together. On the whole. Relatively speaking. (I can hear some of you laughing right now.)   But I have a secret. (Another secret, besides not being able to spell, which might not be a secret to anyone who reads this blog.)  Writing makes me a slob.

When I start a project (a new book, or a big revision, whatever) I work steadily. More or less. Sometimes work looks like staring into space or going to the museum or surfing the Internet. But I’m planning it all out, imagining scenes, working on the high and low points of the plot.

I work steadily, but I also second guess myself, write chapters three (and four and five) different ways, spend a day on a page (but a really great page!) and generally over think everything.

Then, at some point, I hit my stride. Sometimes it’s because I finally know the characters and plot or I get where I can see the end and how to get there… and sometimes it’s because OMG the book has to be done.

So I do nothing but write. I sort of love this part, though my family and friends hate it. I eat, breathe and dream in book world. This is the time when you do NOT want to be on the road with me, because I’m basically thinking about my book all the time.

I’m also actually physically working on my book all the time. I also eat an awful lot of these:

So when I start out I look like this:

And my desk looks like this:

Along the way my desk starts to look like this:

And my dog starts to look like this:

And I start to look like this:

But I’m better now. Expect announcements SOON about the new thing!