How I Spent My Summer Vacation

(Read all the way to the bottom for a chance to win a copy of Brimstone, which comes out next week!)

Whenever I go too long without Tweeting, my family and friends call or text to make sure I haven’t fallen down the stairs and/or been eaten by my dogs.

This says a lot about how often I tweet. It also says a lot about how I get distracted and forget to tweet. Or, you know, blog.  My Friend Kate (this is an official title, because friendship with me incurs certain privileges and responsibilities) pointed out that I haven’t blogged in two months and since my last post concerned a Potentially Life Threatening Incident, maybe I should put up an entry to say I wasn’t dead yet.

(See how smart my friends are? They have to pass a test. Also, this is the kind of responsibility that falls to them: Remind me of the passage of time. Tell me when people think I’m dead. Dynamite me out of my cave now and then.)

So, here is the recap of my summer since I last posted:

  • Did not die from idiopathic angioedema. (Or as we call it in my house: swelling up for no good reason. And also: take two Benedryl and cancel your plans for the day.)
  • Did not die from bug bite that turned out not to be a bug bite but a staph infection. Did not die from humiliation that a clean freak like me got a staph infection. (Right after being in the hospital. Coincidence?)
  • Had to cancel going to RWA National Conference and presenting the Golden Heart Award. Tragic because I had the most adorable dress. Also tragic because I was supposed to spend the week afterward hanging out with My Friend Kate.
  • Turned in final revision of Spirit and Dust. (Yay!!!!!)
  • Made a playlist and a Pinterest board for Spirit and Dust.
  • Was called for Jury Duty. Was not picked, possibly because I write for teens (case concerned teenagers), or because I have a Twitter and blog, possibly because I’m a smart ass.  (During the selection questions, the defense counsel asked what I did that I had a blog. I answered that I wrote books for teens. Counsel: So you tell lies for a living. Me: I’ll bet people say that about your job, too.)
  • Celebrated the paperback release of Texas Gothic!!!  (If you’re too cheap (like me) to buy it in hard cover, now is your chance.)
  • Did not die from a recurrence of the not-bug-bite.
  • Managed to keep my plants alive all through the summer!  This is a record for me!
  • Received a ginormous box of copies of BRIMSTONE which comes out on September 11th. That’s next week.  OMG THAT’S NEXT WEEK!

Brimstone Cover


Tell me in the comments what you did with YOUR summer vacation. It doesn’t even have to be true. I will randomly draw one name from the comments to win a copy of Brimstone for your very own.

49 thoughts on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation

  1. I spent most of my summer reading, playing clarinet, and petting cats at the local animal shelter. I wish it wasn’t over anytime soon.

  2. I spent half of my Summer at school and going to funerals. The other half was spent being lazy in the sun and trying to stay cool at the same time, it worked out. That sounds terribly dull, but I assure you it wasn’t🙂.

  3. Hi Ms. Clement-Moore. Love your Maggie Quinn books (I might be the only person in my school who reads them, they’re missing out :D) Anyways, I did windsurfing, did some cool tricks with the board. Golf camp, which may seem boring but is really fun. Tons of prizes. Reading over the summer like usual. Tons of swimming at the beach. Love the ocean. Big waves, small waves, does it matter? I’m there! Anyways, summer vacation is fun and is freedom for those of us that go to school. Even if it’s not a trip to hawaii, or to an exotic place, you can always have fun wherever you are. If your just home alone or just walking down the street with friends, there is always time to appreciate the good things in life. And when your sight takes over, and demons from hell come, your friends will be by your side. Just have fun and it can become the summer vacation of a lifetime.

    • I Love your attitude! And I’m very impressed at your ability to do tricks on your windsurfing board. I tried that once and I couldn’t even stay upright!

      Hopefully when Brimstone comes out, more of your school chums will discover Maggie. Then you’ll have people to gossip with about her demon-slaying, hot-nerd-dating, evil-genius-befriending life.😉

  4. My copy of Brimstone arrived today, so please don’t pick my comment!

    My summer was pretty much all work, but my boyfriend and decided on a whim to rent a car, take two days off work, and just drive. I have never had more fun in my life.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better and I’m looking forward to seeing you on the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour in Montreal!

    • I saw on Twitter that you already got your copy! I hope you enjoy it. I’m a little nervous since it was written before Splendor and Texas Gothic and I hope people love Maggie as much as Sylvie and Amy.
      I LOVE a road trip! I’m glad you had fun! There’s nothing I like better than just getting in the car and driving. (And I can’t wait to meet you in Montreal!)

  5. For the first half of my summer I was going to school a Pilates class and an English class. Then the rest of the time slaving away at my the family business, its a party supply. Slept in, exercised a while then got lazy , shopping cuz I got me fafsa though Im cheap, went to the beach and mourning my rabbit who died.

  6. For the first half of my summer I was going to school a Pilates class and an English class. Then the rest of the time slaving away at the family business, its a party supply. Slept in, exercised a while then got lazy , shopping cuz I got me fafsa though Im cheap, went to the beach, read till the ows came home (figuratively) and mourning my rabbit who died.

    • I have the most wonderful memories of camping in national parks with my family. Sometimes I get a wild hair that I should buy and RV and take the dogs and go do that. I’m glad you had fun–and I hope the stressful part of moving is done! (I do NOT like moving.)

  7. Love the Brimstone cover! Let’s see. I spent my summer finishing my fifth manuscript. I also got married with is a big squee moment. I think that pretty much sums up how awesome summer has been for me.🙂

  8. LOVE THIS: Counsel: So you tell lies for a living. Me: I’ll bet people say that about your job, too.

    During my summer I dealt with my darling teen’s summer vacation. We both love to read YA.

  9. Hi Rosemary! I spent the summer helping my hubby recuperate from his surgery. We then went to Apollocon and had a great time. 🙂 He went to Armadillo Con and we just got back from Chicon.
    It has been a busy summer but glad we are able to do these things. Hope to see you at Fencon.

  10. I spent my summer hip-deep in archaeology. I’m a grad student now so I spent three weeks at an archaeological field school on a Caribbean island (Nevis) and then after that I took a class in Public History while interning at another field school locally (in NJ). I also started my thesis project (archaeology of tourism via a mineral spring resort hotel) and halfway moved in with my boyfriend in Pennsylvania (my university is in NJ so I still live half of the time at my parents’ by necessity). Oh, and I learned how to make pleated skirts and bloomers. It’s been so awesome and busy that I didn’t even have to make anything up!

    • Actually you’d probably appreciate one of the things I did last summer – my mom and I drove out to Iowa for a three-day whirlwind cemetery tour. I saw the graves of about 75 of my paternal ancestors & relatives, spread over twenty different graveyards in eleven counties. It felt particularly amazing to stand beside the plot where my great-great, great-great-great, and great-great-great-great-grandparents all rest in the same remote cemetery.

      • You’re right. I do appreciate that. There’s a sense of continuity in graveyards. My maternal family is spread out all over Europe, but my father’s family is here in Texas, including some of the oldest in the state. I have a (real life) story about finding a headstone in a barn and having to track down the grave that it went to… but I’m saving that for a book.

    • Sandi, that is the coolest summer ever! Also, I am totally going to contact you the next time I have an archeological scene in one of my books. (I am in love with history and archeology, but it’s all book knowledge, not hands on, which isn’t the same thing. But I try to get it right.)

  11. Summer? Did we just have one of those? Why didn’t someone wake me?

    Haha! Jk. Anyways, I SLEPT A LOT to make up for missing last summer due to a job at the post office. They start early for some reason.

    In June I had a blast at ApolloCon where at a room party, I talked with TANYA HUFF for over an hour. I’m totally in love with her… I mean her books! In July I went to the beach. I forgot how messy and noisy it is at the ocean. Why do people like it so much? I also started writing a new book.

    The hubby promised me a diablo 3 vacation (diablocation) that never happened, but I did get my first laptop out of the arrangement, so I can’t complain. Much. Now I can go on writing dates with my friends. If any of them still do that sort of thing.

    Love you, Rosemary! *hugs*

    • OMG Tanya Huff. I was trying to be all suave. Me, walking down the hall to our panel: “Me, I’ve always loved your books. You and Charles DeLint were the first Urban Fantasy I ever read.” Me, inside my head: “OMGTanyaHuffandIareonapaneltogetherOMG.”

      Yay laptop! (Ugh, ocean.) Yay new book!

      Love you back. See you at FenCon!

  12. This:

    During the selection questions, the defense counsel asked what I did that I had a blog. I answered that I wrote books for teens. Counsel: So you tell lies for a living. Me: I’ll bet people say that about your job, too.

    Made me snort with laughter. Actual snorting commenced. At work. No big. They already knew I was super classy.

    I spent my summer orienting brand new nursing students at the great big ole’ college I work for. I love them when they’ve finished with their prereq’s and they’re JR1’s because they’re so excited and happy to be here. You have to cherish that because in one year, they’ll be bitter exhausted Seniors and they’ll totally hate every single one of us until the day they pass the HESI and get ready to take their boards. They always love me again by then. Since my summer was all work, I think my winter should be all play. 😀

  13. I’ve had the best summer of my entire life! I spent the first half of my summer finishing up an internship at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, Scotland. (One of the most beautiful cities in the world, fyi.) Then I spent two weeks in Switzerland where I saw a bunch of awesome Swiss places…including the Matterhorn. Of course, I had to come back home eventually, (since life is not all dream jobs and vacations) and I went straight back into school and work!

    • What an amazing summer! An internship at the Scottish Parliament! Wow. Edinburgh is one of the cities I most want to see. Sure you have to come back home, but what memories! (And I hope you took lots of pictures!)

  14. I spent my summer ferrying my daughter back and forth to her job as she refuses to get her permit because of “all the scary freaking drivers”. I also spent the summer mowing my lawn and since that wasn’t exciting enough adding patterns in my yard as I did so. *g* And reading, lots of reading.

  15. Spent my summer doing my part to annihilate the Southern mosquito population by squishing anything that even remotely LOOKED like a mosquito (they always go for me & no one else….it’s like they know I’m allergic and their bites itch for weeks.)

    Also, that lawyer set himself up for that comeback. Accusing YOU of telling lies for a living?! Really?

  16. I also did not die but some lavander and sage did.. I usually do not kill them. My summer consisted of playing outside,swimming and working.. Reading,reading. And reading

  17. Not very much…I mostly just hung out with friends and read. I got a laptop too! ^^ And since I had started living on it, I found out that they have FREE books available to download on the Kindle app. So yeah, lots of reading =) I’m glad you didn’t die. I’d miss your writing and that would mean that I wouldn’t be able to get Spirt and Dust autographed when it comes out. Hope to see you again soon! Must figure out when though…

    • Does your laptop have a name? All mind do, partly so I can find them on the home network, partly because I’m a nerd that way.

      I hope to see you again soon, too! I need to have an event in DFW. It’s sad that I have more appearances away from home than in Texas this fall!

      • Not yet….Its a she though. I really do need to name her. Lol. What are your computers names, if you don’t mind me asking?

        I’m actually in more of the Austin area. That is…

  18. Summer was spent working and dealing with the loss of my dad. It has yet to be restful. Which means, naturally, that next summer be awesome to make up for it!

  19. For my summer vacation I got an internship at an architectural company in NYC to work with their marketing department. Everything went fine for the first couple of weeks, but then strange things started happening and I found out that the company didn’t actually build new things, they cleaned out old constructions to make them ghost and spirit free for new tenants. It was a thrill when I got to go on my first hunt, as the Hunter’s assistance. We got called in to get rid of a clever poltergeist, whose favorite illusion was to make swarms of spiders appear everywhere. I managed to help and apprehend the little guy because I was the only one not afraid of spiders (I even had a tarantula as a pet when I was a kid). In the end, it turned out the poltergeist was lonely and his clever pranks were simply a way to get attention. After the people in the office came around to him, the poltergeist became our office mascot and he now spends his time blurring up more pleasant illusions (like rainbows and multicolored fireflies) in exchange for treats.🙂

  20. went to an airshow and read lots of books including splendor falls and texas gothidc now getting ready to get back to studying for my open university degree looking forward to the sequel to splendor falls

    • Oh, *excellent* summer reading choices.😀 I’m sort of a nerd that I enjoy getting back to studying (or in my case working or researching) after a break. I never liked having to go back to sitting in a high school classroom all day but once I got to university it was all better.🙂

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