Here’s to a Most Excellent New Year

Last year I…

Went on a Caribbean cruise. (And still cannot spell caribbean without spellcheck.) 

Went to the movies and really enjoyed some of them. A lot. 

Attended Ye Olde Renaissance Faire

Mowed my own lawn for the first time ever. 

Learned how to make a playlist for Spirt and Dust

Shared, maybe too much, about my writing “process.” 

Developed a Mysterious Malady

Discovered Pinterest and made a board for Spirit and Dust.

Got to sign many copies of the NEW PAPERBACK edition of Texas Gothic.

Saw my first two novels re-released in a (two! two! two-in-one!) new compilation edition titled BRIMSTONE. (Buy your copy wherever awesome books are sold.) 

Went to Canada! And NYC! And Philadelphia!

And, OH YEAH, sold TWO MORE BOOKS to Delacorte!


THIS year, I am going to…

Do all the things I swore I was going to do better last year but didn’t. (Like blogging and exercise and stuff.) 

Write a couple of amazing cool books that I will only be able to hint about because I’m so superstitious, but they are going to be amazing (and cool). 

Start a mailing list! No, really!  I’m going to conquer this promotion thing. 

Go see Star Trek: Into the Darkness at the midnight movie. 

Celebrate the release of SPIRIT AND DUST in May!

Happy New Year, everyone. May your year be free from want, strife, and heartache. And above all, as Mr. Lincoln says in the movie… 


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