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Let Them Knit Cake

I am a knitter.

I want to make it absolutely clear that I liked knitting long before hipsters started doing it.

Free time? What's that?
Free time? What’s that?

I started when Mom broke her leg, which meant hours and hours in doctor and hospital waiting rooms. My first project was a scarf. It was pretty awful–eight inches wide at one end and five inches at the other. The scarf, not her leg. Though that was pretty awful, too. Poor Mom. She’s been through a lot. And I’ve gotten a lot of practice knitting in hospitals and doctor’s offices.

So, silver lining and all that, I have progressed beyond horrible scarves to pretty good scarves, plus gloves, shawls, hats, purses and sweaters.  Okay, sweater and a half. One was for my niece, who is only two.  I figured that would be a good one to start with, because my attention span is–


Which has always been my crafting downfall.  I–like just about every knitter/quilter/crocheter/stitcher–have many many projects in many stages of completion because there’s always some new and bright and exciting project that catches your eye right when you’re in the tedious middle of the current one.

I might mention, this also happens with books. A new idea is always exciting. You can’t wait to start banging out words. And the end is great, because you have momentum on your side. You can see the shape of the finished project! All it needs is a few more rows. But when you’re in the middle, that’s when shiny new ideas for other books appear to tempt you.

Or sometimes it happens with books and knitting BOTH.  I’m working hard on my next book, but I picked up a knitting magazine when I drove Mom to Jo-Ann’s this afternoon. Now I want to knit a sweater.

This sweater:


I want to knit this sweater, to give to some hypothetical guy on some hypothetical future date when the hypothetical he will be able to wear a wool sweater in Texas.  Which is about five days a year. Non-consecutive days, I might add.

What are the odds of this?

I totally bought this magazine because of the hot guy modeling this gorgeous colored sweater.

Clearly we have entered a new era of knitting. No longer are doilies and old lady caps and mittens enticement to shell out for a knitting pattern magazine. Now the target audience is women (or men, I guess) who like to picture themselves knitting a sweater for a hot guy.

And I have succumbed to the siren call. I want to be a girl who knits sweaters for cute guys. I want to wear adorable lace wristlets and skinny scarves and not look like dork. I want to refinish flea-market furniture and repurpose antiques into quirky jewelry… Oh my God, next thing you know I’ll be baking CAKE POPSICLES.

Actually, none of that is true.

Except maybe the cake part. I’ll take cake in pretty much any form it comes in.

Mmmm... Cake.
Mmmm… Cake.

Are you a crafter? What are your hobbies (besides reading)?  Do you have a favorite online resource? What are your feelings on Cake Pops?  Delicious bite sized treat or bakery anathema?

PS The pattern for the knit cake above can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Let Them Knit Cake”

  1. I completely feel you on the attention span thing. There really isn’t a type of craft that I’m not interested in. Which can be a problem because then I never really hone my skills at any of them and I end up frustrated when the end result isn’t what I was picturing. 2013 is going to be the year of finishing projects. #determined As for online resources, I am a Pinterest addicted and I have a formidable blog list that I try to keep up with.

    Cake pops are fabulous. When I’m the one making them I prefer cake truffles though. It’s nice not to fuss with the stick. Have you seen Bakerella? Her cake pops are an art form.


  2. Oh knitting, how I miss that… I still love checking in on for her hilarious posts. If you haven’t seen her, oh my gosh get on that kitty wino train!

    Also, cake pops can die a swift and painful death. They’re like the Walmart of petit fours. But if you love them, keep on eating them! And yes, there are some that make them pretty. But the stick needs to go… :-/


  3. I love to craft. My favorite thing to do is sew but quilting is good too. 🙂 This year I want to learn to crochet.
    I have no feelings on cake pops. My sister-in-law loves all those trendy type of baking things. She hasn’t had great success with cake pops. Maybe this will be her year. lol.


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