Spirit and Dust

New Year, New Look for Spirit and Dust!

So, guess what?  Spirit and Dust has a new cover!




Here’s the book description:

  Speaking to the dead is nothing for Daisy Goodnight. The living, on the other hand, can occasionally be a problem. Especially when they knock you out, kidnap you, and force you to be their magical police dog. 

   Devlin Maguire—mob boss extraordinaire—has a missing daughter, and Daisy is his first choice to track her down. But he didn’t actually ask her for help. When she woke up in his guest bedroom, she was told. But why her? And who—or what—in the world is the Black Jackal?

I  love this new cover!  The original one was beautiful, but this is fresh and exciting and gets more of the modern supernatural mystery feel.

If you can’t wait for Sprit and Dust to come out (in only four months!) then you can meet Daisy Goodnight in Texas Gothic, where she makes herself indispensable (at least she likes to think so) in her cousin Amy’s investigation of the Mad Monk of McCullough Ranch. (As for whether Amy shows up in S&D… you just have to wait and find out!)


7 thoughts on “New Year, New Look for Spirit and Dust!”

      1. No problem! Even so – the blogging community is happy to buy them in. And my bookseller mates always buy in the recommendations I send them. Does that sound pushy and self-important? I don’t care – 😀 – as long as the books sell.


  1. The new cover looks good Rosemay. The front blurb particularly caught my attention with whole mysterious eye image.


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