Into the Cave

It’s time. I’m going into my writing cave.cave_eyes_fire_md_wht

I’ve blogged before about a peculiarity of my “process” which is that sooner or later I just have to become a hermit, dive into the book and write without distractions until it’s done. And by “distractions” I mean “showers, exercise or balanced meals.”

I’ve been pretending to go there for awhile, but I’ll still accept invitations… or rather, accept social invitations and then flake out because I feel guilty that I’m supposed to be writing and then feel guilty for flaking so that I don’t get any writing done, either. (I know guilt is an important emotion to keep us from being, like, sociopaths or whatever, but I could use a little more logic associated with mine.)

So rather than even pretend I’m going to be a decent friend/blogger/Tweeter for the next few weeks, I’m just letting everyone know that I’m morphing into that cranky old hermit in the woods for awhile, and I’ll see you all when I’m my sunny self again.

The BRIGHT side of this is that when the book is done, I’ll be less superstitious, and be able to tell you stuff about it. 😀

P.S. Which is not to say I won’t Tweet or reply to emails or comments. I get the Internet in my cave. Let’s not be ridiculous. It’s the 21st century, after all.