Now for something completely different

I have a new e-book out today for grown ups (or older teens who read grown up books). It’s called Date by Mistake, a romance anthology about blind dates gone horribly wrong. It’s from Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence line, and you can get it right now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

What happens when love is your favorite mistake…

Here’s the opening of my novella, Passionate Persuasion

     Eight years ago, Alex Drake broke Kiara Fredericks’ heart. Now here he was, walking into the Regis Pub like he owned it.

     The pub, not her heart.

     Though there was that, too. She hadn’t realized he still had a lien on even a small bit of cardiac real estate until she saw him across the crowded bar and felt the peculiar, particular pinch and twist under her left collarbone, the specter of young love rattling the chains of her heart.

     This was not a promising start to the evening. For a lot of reasons, not least of which was the fact that Kiara was there to meet someone else.

It’s no secret I love a well-written steamy romance.  I feel like love stories between well-matched couples can be fun and satisfying and even, yes, feminist. So this novella was a lot of fun to write, especially since it meant working with some of my favorite authors: Candace Havens and Shannon Leigh, Gwen Hayes and Jill Monroe. 

What I learned was that writing contemporary romance—especially a story that has to contained to 100 pages—was harder than I thought. You have to keep things interested just with the characters. You can’t have ghosts or demons or ninjas popping up if things get boring. On the other hand, the character banter and relationship stories are one of my favorite things to write. So if you’ve wondered what an RCM book would be like if I was free to indulge in all romantic banter all the time, plus get a little hotter… This novella is for you! 

And, it’s only $2.99!  For four novellas, that’s less than a dollar a story!

Here’s the disclaimer: This is not a teen book. My story is pretty tame. I’d call it PG-14 at the most. (If you want specifics, ask.) But the others are quite racy. (*fans self*)  I just want to give y’all the heads up on that.