My TLA Schedule (for Librarian Stalkers)

Random Viggo Mortensen. Hey, there’s a book in this picture. It’s related.

The TLA Conference is next week in Fort Worth!   For all you Texas Librarians, here’s my schedule. Please come and say hi! I love me some librarians.

TLA Schedule

Wednesday 4pmSpirit of Texas Program (with Gail Giles, CC Hunter, Cynthia Leitich Smith and Jennifer Ziegler)  Convention Center Room 121B

Thursday 1-2pm — AUTOGRAPHING!  I will be signing books in the Autographing Area, Aisle 2. PLEASE COME SO I LOOK POPULAR!

Friday 3 – 4pm — Signing in the BOOK FESTIVALS OF TEXAS book (#2145). There will be books for purchase and I will be giving away stuff. This is the best place to stop by and say “hi” and find out about book festivals in Texas, too!

Friday 5:30 – 6pm — Texas Teens 4 Libraries (TT4L) Omni Hotel, Ballroom 5  (One of my favorite events, as I get to talk to actual teenagers about actual books. 😀 )

Saturday 10am — Program: Paranormally Yours (with Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Margaret Stohl and Cate Tiernan)  Convention Center Room 203 ABC

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      1. Oh HURRAY! If you are looking for places to visit, please let me know. I work at a lovely and historic library from 1883, and it’s only about 45 minutes north of Boston. We’d love to host you!


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