Today’s Spirit and Dust Excerpt

          Calling open the Veil wasn’t difficult. A whisper from me and it shivered into my view, ready to put things in their proper place. Our world was for the living. The dead belonged…somewhere else. 

         The threshold between here and eternity was only a waver in the air, like a curtain of liquid mercury. But [the ghost] shrank away from it. “What is that?”

          “Whatever’s next,” I told him. That was as much as I knew. I could see the Veil, but not what was beyond it….

          “I don’t want to go.” He swung around, pulling his gun from its holster and pointing it at me. “You can’t make me go.” 

          Probably not, but whatever lay beyond was happy to reach out and pull him in. I could see that, either, but Bruiser could, and his screams raked my bones.


SPIRIT AND DUST comes out on Tuesday, May 14th!  Check back tomorrow for more.

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