The Spirit and Dust Excerpt Countdown continues: The moment

The Spirit and Dust Excerpt Countdown continues: 

The moment we touched, I felt the weight of the remnants that clung to him. Shreds of lives he’d ruined or taken. Frayed tatters of crimson rage and purple grief and black mourning. They hung from him like the chains on Marley’s Ghost, except Maguire didn’t seem to regret his, or even acknowledge their existence. I felt them, though, like a stone on my chest. 


S&D comes out on Tuesday in the US and in June in the UK.  

Speaking of the UK, that’s where I’m going next week (leaving on Wednesday). Blog hijinx will continue, don’t worry. (In fact, expect lots of pictures.) I’m really REALLY looking forward to the trip. 

I’m not doing any official appearances or signings. This is fun and research and also fun. But I will be attending the fabulous Rachel Caine’s talk and signing at the Waterstones in Nottingham on Friday, May 17th. Unless I get lost in a cave or something.