I was rounding third on a Grand Slam

I was rounding third on a Grand Slam breakfast and sliding home into a second helping of pancakes I’d requested instead of bacon. Carson eyed the rapidly disappearing stack with what I decided to interpret as awestruck wonder. 

“You’re obviously feeling better.”

“My amazing powers require a lot of sustenance,” I said being bites. “I figure I’d better top off the tank for whatever comes next. Which, by the way, we should probably discuss. You can start with why you turned off your phone instead of calling for a pickup, or getaway car, or agent extraction, or whatever term you people prefer.” 

“‘You people’?”

“Don’t make me say ‘mobsters’ in the middle of a Denny’s.” 

SPIRIT AND DUST comes out TOMORROW!  Yay!!!!

In other news, I will be leaving for England on Wednesday. If you want to follow the pictures and updates from my trip, you should follow my Tumblr, because that’s where I post the more random of my ramblings. And you’re already following on Twitter, right? 

4 thoughts on “I was rounding third on a Grand Slam”

  1. I can’t wait! I’ll be running to the bookstore as soon as I get off work tomorrow!

    Have fun in England! (I thought I’d squeeze another exclamation point in there, just for fun. :-P)


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