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I updated the “events” page (which is now called “events” and not “appearances” since some of the happenings are online and therefore my appearance has  nothing to do with the case, thank heavens).  Note that I’m not going to physically be a whole lot of places this summer because I’m going to be writing a new exciting book.

But here’s stuff that’s exciting NOW RIGHT NOW!

RANDOM BUZZERS: All this coming week I will be answering questions and chatting about Spirit and Dust, and other things, at Random Buzzers, the Random House teen interactive site. You can post your questions here on the board. Y’all know I usually answer questions here, but if you go over there it will (a) make me look popular and (b) you can be entered to win an ARC of S&D.  It’s a teen centric board, so librarians and teachers, send your students.

GOODREADS GIVEAWAY:  There’s a giveaway on Goodreads that you can enter to win a copy of Spirit and Dust. Or if you already have a copy, you can enter anyway, and give one copy to a friend! Or tweet about the contest! Or whatever you want.  The box with the link is in the sidebar. *points to sidebar*

PICTURE SAFARI CONTEST:  The winner of last weeks “Tweet your picture of Spirit and Dust in the wild” contest is @Sadie_R.  Yay!   I’m going to do this again, so be ready!


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