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One Claw Foot Tub Away From Perfection

LAST week I posted that I’d sold my house.   Yay!

But I didn’t have anywhere to move to.  So I was operating on Contingency Plan B, which was to store everything and stay with my Grandmother until we found the right house.

Which was no where in sight.

So might take awhile.

I'm fine. Really.
I’m fine. Really.

But guess what???  I found a lovely townhouse that’s just perfect for Mom and I.  Great location, near a park, split bedroom arrangement for privacy (a necessity for any roommate situation, times a thousand when it’s your mom).

And look! This is going to be my bathroom!

All this needs is a claw foot tub and it is the bath of my dreams.

Don’t laugh, but I have always wanted a bureau sink. And also, a claw foot tub. This is even painted my favorite color. It is one claw foot tub away from perfection.


We’re going to be out of this big huge house, and I will only have to clean and air condition one third the square feet.


One THIRD the square feet.

One. Third. The. Size.
One. Third. The. Size.

Anyone want any furniture?

So, in three weeks, I’ll be in a new house.   This has been a year of serious upheaval and change, but this new house—manageable size, closer to my friends, ready to fill with new, happy memories—is a major milestone.  I won’t even say it’s the light at the end of the tunnel, because I don’t see it as an end at all, but a launching pad for lots of awesome things.

Hail to the awesome!

(Also, I’m serious about the furniture thing.)


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