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It never rains here… except when I move.

Don’t want to read to the end?  I’m going to be at the Austin Teen Book Festival tomorrow (Saturday 9/28) with Maggie Stiefvater, Sarah Dessen, Rob Thomas and Holly Black, among others. Info at the link.

I have Internet in the new house! Yay!  Now I have no excuse for such a long gap between blogs.

Last week I got the entourage (Mom and all three dogs) and the whole (old) house packed up and moved across DFW (or at least my part of DFW) to the NEW house. As you may know from blog posts, not to mention my Internet Absence, I have been working like a stevedore to make The Move run like a military campaign.

I forget that military campaigns involve massive support staff, the funding of the federal government, and also soldiers that you can order around. Which you can’t really do with a Mom. So this was more like a two person patrol with a couple of thousand pounds in a backpack.

Also?  We’re in the middle of a drought. It hasn’t rained in months. Except for the two days when we were moving. Yay rain.

Still, nothing will match The Great Parental Move of 2004, when we moved from the ranch to Fort Worth.  It had rained so much that spring that the pasture was half-flooded and the truck couldn’t get to the house. We had to ferry all the furniture from my parents’ house out on a flat bed trailer just to get it to the moving truck.

When I left my house with the last loads, I was wading out with my pants rolled up over my knees. I had packed my Jeep to the rafters. Literally. Rood rack included. I had Trini (a husky mix) in the back seat, two cat carriers in the front passenger seat and a goldfish in the cup holder.

This move was easier than that, but that’s not saying much. I finally got smart enough to call in reinforcements for the secondary U-Haul I rented to bring over all the stuff that wouldn’t fit on the FIRST truck. (It’s like I lived in the Tardis. That much stuff shouldn’t fit in closets.)

I am not good about asking for help. Sometimes it has to be forced upon me.

ANYway. After all the things we got rid of, we got into the house and were like, we STILL have too much stuff.  Boxes were packed (literally!) to the ceiling.  I had to crawl over furniture to get to the back door.  Mom packed all her computer cords, so we had to share one laptop cord and one iPad/iPhone cord between us.

I have eaten nothing but peanut butter sandwiches and yogurt for a week. Oh, and Dunkin Donuts, but the novelty of that place has pretty much worn off for me.  We’ve already had our first slip and fall (Mom, bruised but unbroken, thank God and I mean THAT literally, too) and the dogs have christened the carpet.

And now I’m leaving The Entourage behind and traveling to Austin for the Austin Teen Book Festival.  It’s on Saturday at the convention center, it’s FREE and it features an amazing lineup of authors and SO much fun.  If you’re in Austin, or near Austin, come and see me.  (The link has all the details.)