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The Good, The Bad, and the Prom Dress

October is a difficult month for me. On one hand, it might be my favorite month of twelve to chose from.  Normally it’s a Beautiful Weather month, one of the few that is reliably cooler. Not necessarily cool, but cooler.  We’ll get some mornings in September that are worth leaving the patio door open. But witness this year, when we still had 99 degree days.

But the problem with October is that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Which is not a problem in itself except that all my favorite cosmetic companies put out special products and limited edition collections. And the only thing I love more than a set of limited edition lip glosses is a PINK set of limited edition lip glosses.

pink works - pinks By Essie
Essie’s “Pink About It” which jumped into my shopping bag yesterday.

So anyway. After my trip to ULTA resulted in a new eyeliner (black with metallic pink flecks), a jar of Philosophy moisturizer (exactly the same as normal moisturizer, except in a sparkly pink package), and a pink Origin’s lip gloss, I decided I’d better stay away from the cosmetic stores for the rest of the month, and just donate money directly to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It will be cheaper for me in the long run.

In other philanthropy news, lets talk about  I found out about this site because of Tina Ferraro’s book Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress, which came out the same day as Prom Dates From Hell.  (Maggie’s Prom Dress could absolutely not be donated for re-wearing by another lucky girl. It was a very Unlucky Dress. Unless you count the fact that she survived the night. Spoiler.)

OKay, anyway, so what DO you do with a special occasion dress after you’re done with it?  I got double use out of my prom dress because I wore it to a Freshman Formal.  I usually tried to get more than one use out of all my dresses. If I wore it to a fall dance, I’d recycle it for the Military Ball in the spring, or vice versa. I got through college pretty well that way.

Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress(Just to brag a bit… I even wore my college formals after college, including to my first RITA awards dinner.)

But through various circumstance–like changing fashions, changing weight *ahem* and tastes, when I moved I discovered an assortment of formal and semiformal dresses. So I went to to find a local organization that would take my dress(es) and pass it on to someone who needed it.  They’re all in really good shape, worn only once.  Why keep that hanging in my closet?

Dallas/Fort Worth has HEB Prom Closet. I just visited them with my armful of chiffon and taffeta and met the wonderful volunteers. It’s nice and clean, and they have formal wear for all occasions. They even have suits for guys.  They loan out dresses, shoes, purses, jewelry… the whole outfit.  And they take donations of all those things.

So if you have any dresses in good shape that you know you’re not going to wear again, check out the website and find your dress a good home.

Y’all have been reading all the way down to find out what the “bad” is in this post, haven’t you?  Ha!  Psych. There is no bad.


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