Fun and Games

Things happening in the last two weeks:

* Total immersion in The Book That Is Still Not named. I love this part. I wish I could bottle this feeling of living huge book so that I could open it up earlier in the process. But then it wouldn’t be a process. Or at least not MY process.

* Stomach Virus That Was Not The Flu. I’m not a literalist about most things, except medical stuff. “Stomach Flu” is not a thing, because it’s not caused by the same virus. But now I get it. There’s those times when you spend 24-48 hours a feeling like an alien baby is going to burst out of your stomach, AND two more days with fever and headache, AND you can’t even focus your eyes on a book or the TV, “Stomach Bug” just doesn’t convey the same level of “My body is trying to kill me… For a week.”

What has not been happening the last two weeks:

Email. In the middle of all the above, I didn’t notice that I haven’t been getting mail from my readrosemary.com address. I’m working on it, but if you’ve been trying to get in touch with me, I haven’t left the Internet or anything. Leave a message here, @ me on Twitter (yes, I just used a symbol as a word), or message me on the Facebook Page.


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