This is post is a bad idea…

I started to title this post “still writing” and then realized that, as a, you know, writer, the fact that I’m, you know, writing should be taken as read.  Then I realized how much I tweet and blog about watching TV and/or movies or going to Target or drinking coffee and eating pie, or my dog’s latest antics or my Mom’s latest adventures… So maybe that’s not as self-evident as I would hope.

The funny thing about writing (or maybe frustrating, I don’t know) is that it doesn’t always look like writing, except when it does. But that phase of writing is really boring to Tweet and/or blog about. If I Tweeted about the actual writing part of my writing, it would be nothing but “I need more coffee” and “My butt is numb.”  These things may be fascinating insights into the writer life, but (butt?) it would get redundant if I didn’t skip to the part where I take a break to go to Target and buy a bunch of stuff I didn’t plan on because… Target. 

I had a point when I started this, but I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes trying to remember what it was. SEE?  This is what happens.  I need more coffee. My butt is numb. 

Anyway. Here’s are a few news items:

MARCH 4th – I have an essay in a non-fiction companion book to DIVERGENT, just in time for the movie.  I talked about this book a few posts down–lots of smart articles that put this ultra-popular dystopian series into a real world context. (There’s a preview of my essay at that link.)

MARCH 10th – I will be speaking at the Euless (Texas) Public Library from 6 – 7pm. The subject is books and publishing and writing (I promise to talk about more interesting facets of writing than this blog post suggests.)

MARCH 10th – I have a romance novella released this day.  I know. Totally under the radar, right?  This novella, Passionate Persuasion, was part of an anthology that came out last year, and I’m excited that it’s being released on its own. It’s full of romance and fun and snappy repartee.  You can pre-order it now, but I will remind you all with a big deal and fanfare and stuff on the release day.  (It’s “adult” in the sense that the characters are in their twenties, but it’s not graphic as far as content.)

The Splendor Falls German Edition
The Splendor Falls German Edition

Oh, hey!  Look what I found on Amazon!  In August, The Splendor Falls is coming out in German!  (Anyone here read German? I don’t even know if the title is the same.)

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