Spring Spring Spring

In the spring I always get the urge to: 

  • Redecorate my house. 
  • Redesign my blog. 
  • Plant flowers. 
  • Ride a bike everywhere. (After I buy one.) 
  • Go to a farmer’s market.
  • Cook all organic fresh meals. (After I spend all my money on the bike and farmer’s market.)
  • Train my dog.
  • Dye my hair.
  • Sew adorable, quirky clothes that look I share a closet with Zooey Deschanel. (Because I certainly can’t afford to buy them. It’s expensive to look like you shop in a thrift store.)
  •  Learn the guitar.
  • Run around like Rapunzel after she gets out of the tower.

Which is weird, because I live where we don’t have an especially long or cold winter. Our winter weather is kind of on-again, off-again, so it’s not like I’ve been cooped up behind snowdrifts or anything. But real spring just feels different. I think it’s the daffodils and the tulips. 

Flowers and Bike

That’s why March is my favorite month, besides October. (October has the edge because its not a precursor to the summer heat.)  Despite the fact that weather is a roulette wheel. Despite the fact that it’s tornado season. Despite the fact that my roof is leaking again. 

ANyway. The only thing on that list I’ve done is change my color scheme. I never thought I’d get tired of pink and green, but I did. It wasn’t terribly gothic for a ghost story writer anyway. 

What do YOU like to do in the spring?  Tell me in the comments.  You can weigh in on whether I should keep the polka dots or get rid of them, too. 

7 thoughts on “Spring Spring Spring”

  1. Spring always makes me want to take more nature photographs of flowers. The only problem is that the flowers haven’t really bloomed yet…except the Bluebonnets.


  2. I love to ride my horse in the warm sunshine and groom him until his coat gleams. I just spend more time at the barn and enjoy the company of my hoofed friends. 😀


  3. Dear Mrs. Rosemary, you might not remember me but we used to go to the same church in Mansfield. You were in RCIA and my dad introduced us. My name is Monica. I met you when Prom dates from hell and Hell Week just came out… It was quite a while ago. I was hoping we could talk again.


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