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Frozen Things

So. I finally saw Frozen. Now I know what all the fuss was about. My God, what a great movie. It had all the things. Elsa is so badass (this is my favorite word lately) and she just broke my heart, and then there was that song. So many feels. It was pretty much the exact same song as from Wicked, but I liked Frozen about a million times better, so that makes me happy. But I just fell in love with Anna.  I fell in love with both of them. I don’t know. It was just awesome to have a movie with two multifaceted female leads, and even though there was romance, it was turned on its head a little bit, and… I don’t know. I want to write books that are like that movie.

Frozen sisters
We are awesome.


Wait. I do, kind of. Or I try to. That’s what I’m going for. No wonder I liked the movie so much.

I also saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Also an awesome flick, in a totally different way. It might be my favorite of the stand alone Avenger movies. I don’t know. It’s a tough call.  Also, these two topics totally go together because Captain America was frozen in the 40s and thawed out to become an Avenger. See what I did there?

Captain America 2
This is my serious face.

4 thoughts on “Frozen Things”

  1. Welcome to the Frozen Brotherhood. Or Sisterhood. Whatever.

    Next on your list, Agents of SHIELD.

    Watch in this order:
    Episode 1
    Episode 3
    Episode 6
    Then 13 up to current. Deathlok happens in the in-between episodes, but after the Hydra bomb of Captain America, he’s kinda not important at the moment.



      1. On Hulu Regular, you get 13 skips one, then the most recent 4 because they realize 13 was awesome.

        So just start there. You’re missing the Lady Sif episode…it’s not important. I’m sure it will be on Netflix come July.


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