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A Wild Yeti Appears…

I haven’t blogged about my do in a while. Granted, some of that is because I’ve been blogging not very much. But tomorrow is the Westminster Dog Show (I think it’s some other holiday, too) so if I want to have a post all about my dog, like the Eccentric Cat Dog Lady that I am, more power to, um, me.

If you’re just joining us, Penny is my dog. I never thought I would have a Pomeranian. I was looking for a Papillion rescue, and she looked like a Pap in her photo, but she’s a Pom. But she’s not like one of those prissy-poms. She’s like… the Pom basketball team. All of it.

Here she is filling in for me at the office:

This story needs a few more dogs in it.
This story needs a few more dogs in it.

This is how P-dawg looks most of the time. This is her normal amount of fluff–somewhere between Tribble and Muppet. And can we please talk about these little paws?

Did somebody call for two feet of cute?
Did somebody call for two feet of cute?

This is my first long haired dog, by the way. Trini was a husky/shepherd mix, and though she had a little bit of undercoat, it pretty much slipped out with a good brushing. Or it would just waft off and gather under the couch to become dust Tyrannosaurs.

But Penny takes a little more work. I try to brush her a little bit every day or two (or three), because otherwise at the end of a week or so, I get enough fur to knit another dog.

Look, Mom! You could knit another dog with that.
Look, Mom! I made you a Tribble!

Only lately I’ve let her get a little shaggy. Okay, maybe more than a little shaggy. Okay, maybe more like miniature four-legged Yeti.

A rare sighting of the endangered PennYeti.
A rare sighting of the endangered PennYeti.

It’s not just that her fur had gotten where it was touching the floor. I mean, who wouldn’t want a self-propelled dust mop? It’s the tangles! I mean, you could hide a snack in that ruff.

So, Penny went to the salon today. She looks like a dog again. Well, she looks a little like a prissy-pom, because she’s all fluffy from the shampoo and blow dry (and it’s a little on the short side).  But give it a day. Most importantly, she looks like someone takes care of her.

The power of cute compels you... to give me a treat.
The power of cute compels you… to give me a treat.

Anyway. Tomorrow I’ll be curled up on the couch watching the Dog Show with my sweetie. We love it when a working dog wins, but we’ll root for the Papillions in the home category.

All right, dog people. Do you like poofy lap dogs? Giant dogs that can pull a sled? Hyperintelligent (and hyper, intelligent) Border Collies? Favorite type of dog, go!

(It doesn’t have to be a pure breed. Mutts and mixes rock, especially when they are rescues.)

6 thoughts on “A Wild Yeti Appears…”

  1. My best friend used to have a Pomeranian who looked just like Penny! She was such a funny, feisty little fluffball!

    I’m more of a Scottish terrier fan myself. I love their gruff, beardy little faces and short legs! Oh, but then Corgis are adorable, too. I can never decide which I want more! (Which is probably why when I went to the animal shelter last summer I ended up with a cat instead. :-D)


    1. lol. “Funny, feisty little fluffball” perfectly describes Penny. She’s ridiculous, but always makes me laugh.

      I think Scotties are adorable, but I’m a definite fan of the Corgis. Those little legs are ridiculous. Of course, cats are nice, too, especially when you can’t decide on a dog. 😀


  2. She is beautiful. Just the kind I would have. I like dogs, period. Have had many. And cats, all with different quirks and personalities.


  3. We have a Jack Russel. His name is Jack for the same reason people name weiner dogs “Oscar.”
    He was a rescue dog we found on the internet, but I can’t understand why. Four months after we got him, I was deployed to Afghanistan, so I thought I would have to bond with him again when I came home. Nope. Jack climbed into the front of the car, licked my face with a few flicks and curled up on my lap. It was as if no time had passed.


    1. I love this story! I get a little loopy about dogs, but they have a special relationship with us as companions.

      Also, Jack Russell’s are awesome. There was one in our obedience class and the instructor was like, “Yeah, he’s got a terrier’s determination all right. ” 😊


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