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In Which I Get Domesticated

My friends. I’ve wandered into a dark back alley of the Internet, and I can’t quite break my addiction. It was a slow slide. A random link, a pop-up add, an “I’ll just take a little peek” click of the trackpad.

As part of the Year of Getting My S*** together, I wanted some inspiration for getting organized. So I searched “organization tips.” Oh. My. God.

No, I’m not wasting time looking Pinterest. I am GETTING ORGANIZED. I can QUIT ANY TIME I WANT.

No. I can’t. Because I have been sucked into the seedy underbelly of the blogosphere. I had discovered the world of Organizing Bloggers.

Not like a blogger’s union or anything like that. Blogs about getting organized.

And decorating.

And sometimes cooking.

Dammit, I’m addicted to HOMEMAKING BLOGS okay. I have bookmarked freaking Better Homes & Gardens and Real Simple. Why don’t I just turn in my hipster card right now.

But look at this. LOOK! My stuff could look like this!!

Just a Girl and Her Blog are adorable.

My desk could look like this!

From A Bowl Full of Lemons, one of my favorites.


THIS could be my pantry:
From I Heart Organizing (And right on the front page (when I wrote this) was a Free Printable. See what I mean?)

Okay, obviously not. My talent lies in translating my vision into words, a virtual world. Putting it into the three dimensions of the physical world is a different thing. I can tell you that my dream cottage looks like Laura Ashley and Anthropologie had a baby, but I will stand in front of the paint chips at Home Depot all day long unable to decide whether Ice Lilac or Violet Whisper will match the image I have in mind.

On the other hand, I can knit really beautiful things (if I say so myself) as long as I have a pattern and some practice. So when I look at what miracle someone has pulled off with an IKEA shelf, a drill, and some duct tape, I’m like… I have a drill, duct tape, and an IKEA catalogue.*

That’s the idea. The problem is, it’s much easier to pin pictures to show the home decorating fairy when she shows up.**

Here’s a few more recommendations, so you can know my full shame:

For crafty things I follow Mollie Makes and Interweave Knits on Pinterest.

For recipes that aren’t the same ol’ thing I love The Other Side of the Tortilla.

For getting things clean…or aspiring to get them this clean, there’s Clean Mama.

For design inspiration I love Apartment Therapy, and also IKEA has a bazillion ideas collected and easy to find on their Pinterest Board.

And finally THIS PINTEREST BOARD is the hub of wonderful organized things.

One minute I was roaming free, a lone wolf, and the next I’m reading about Ikea Hacks. How did I become a den mother…auntie?

I might as well give into it. At least I’ll get to cill in my newly redecorated bedroom. Ha ha, not really.

OMG Apartment Therapy



*I am Rosemary’s frustrated need for order in a world she can’t control.

** Inertia is a bitch. (And if any of you have struggled with depression, you know that change means not just inertia working against you, but also the gravity well of your couch and blankie.)


2 thoughts on “In Which I Get Domesticated”

  1. Rosemary, if it makes you feel any better I can say that in my twenties and even my thirties my homes used to look totally organized and magazine ready every day…then I had children and joined the real world. You can spend your time organizing and putting everything in its place or you can get out there, travel, meet people and see what the world has to offer. And in your travels you will pick up little bits of memories which will NOT fit in those perfectly organized spaces but they WILL remind you that you have LIVED and LOVED and touched others lives and their hearts. I don’t know which you would rather have but a cold sterile room doesn’t seem like the thing to bring a smile to your face when you’re looking back on your accomplishments. Thank you for many hours of enjoyable reading. Have a blessed life.


    1. Excellent points. I’d much rather have a happy home than a perfect one. For me it’s my dogs. My rugs are a bit ragged and some corners of my furniture got gnawed on by puppy teeth, but I can’t imagine a house without them!

      And *thank you*. I wish you the same. ❤


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