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Trendsetting again, darn it. (Pen and Paper Edition)

So, I’m kind of a dork for stationary.

Pens, paper, and if I’m in a whimsical mood, stamps and stickers… But mostly it’s about pens, pencils, and the perfect thing to use them in.

This can be an expensive obsession. Check out Levenger or The Goulet Pen Company for proof. There are entire forums for fountain pen aficionados, facebook groups, and I don’t know, probably conventions that rival SFF cons for geekiness.


Why do I mention this now? There’s a not-really-new trend for “analog” planning and journalling. You’ve got your hipsters with their index card journals and the Cult of the Planner with the tricked out Erin Condren Hobonichi Fauxdori DIYs with the stickers and washi tape and stamps. (Which is not even the same thing as the scrapbook planner or “smashbook.”)

These are distractions from the sublime satisfaction of a black fine-point ink pen and a black, hard-cover, grid-lined, classic size Moleskine.

via Flicker/photos/childofwar

A Moleskine is the perfect canvas for customization (see Cult of the Planner above, or Google “Moleskine hacks” for proof) but one thing I know about myself is that my outside world has to be pretty tidy for my inside world to work properly.

SO let me tell you about my discovery of the “Bullet Journal,” aka “Writing Stuff Down in a Book.” Who knew I’d be such a trendsetter. I’ve always kept multiple journals (some of you have heard me talk about this), and joking aside, this guy Ryder Carroll didn’t reinvent the wheel so much as say how he got it to roll better for him, and maybe it’ll work for you, too. The blog has ideas/modifications to try, but it’s really just about finding a way to put everything in one place—events, to-dos, notes, future planning, etc.


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But dammit!  I’ve been “analog” all this time! And now I’m following a trend. Heck, I”m not even on the cutting edge of it. There are blogs and facebook pages and instagram tags devoted to making your “BuJo” all it can be.

All you have to do is look on Pinterest (speaking (affectionately) of the Cult of the Planner) for infinite ways to make your planner take up more time than it saves you. I stopped trying to make mine pretty, but I have added ideas that work for me (Click here for lots of info on Tiny Ray of Sunshine), and I am not exaggerating when I say that being more intentional about writing things down and keeping track of my time (both going forward and looking backward) has had a serious impact on my projectivity and general mental health. (This actually deserves a post of it’s own. Watch this space.)

Ugh. I hate following a trend.

Except, of course, when it gives me an excuse to shop for pens.

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