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Five-Layer Cake of Brain Food


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I passed the 1k pin mark on my Pinterest board (link). Not that many in the grand scheme of things, but considering I started just to have a few boards for my most recent books. Spirit and Dust, for example. (link) Then I pinned some inspiration for my next project, and then I just started adding stuff I liked, and now it’s sort of all over the place. Just like my brain.


I’m pretty sure this makes me less cool than Tumblr, but I like the pinboard concept and also to pretend I’m going to do one of those IKEA hacks to turn two bookcases and a shower rod into a bunkbed fort. (No, I don’t have kids. Why do you ask?)

So what’s on my mind right now? Judging by the majority of my pins, I must be writing a book about a spinster dog-lady who solves crime while knitting, during a yacht race at a Rennaisance Faire (or possibly a costume party), in Cornwall, keeping her notes in a DIY planner, all while her house is being redecorated in cottage-shabby-post-hipster style. Oh, and she thinks she’s going to do workouts to flatten her abs and tone her tush, but probably won’t, juding by how many recipes for cheesecake she’s collected.

Okay, this isn’t really a clue to what I’m working on. This is just stuff I like—knights and dragons, historical clothes, ships, books, Jane Austen, fan stuff… There are also a lot of pins on the writing board and so. much. knitting.

But UNLIKE all the medical supply ads that pop up in adsense ever since I looked up the Hurry-cane for my grandmother, I’d say my Pinterest board is pretty on target with the major things that free associate in my brain.

The top five (not counting books or wrting, because obviously):

  1. Journals, books, and pens
  2. Knights, armor, archers, and general badassery
  3. Gorgeous historical fairy tale looking clothes
  4. Yachting
  5. So. Much. Yarn.
  6. Cheesecake recipies

Man. That is a fraction of what’s in my brain.

SO what would be on your mental pinboard? Any hobbys or current obsessions?

2 thoughts on “Five-Layer Cake of Brain Food”

  1. First and foremost, thank you for the Amazon gift card. I think it is the second time in a rather long life I have a actually won something! Now on to my mental pin-board.
    1. Books will ALWAYS have first place on any list of my interests.
    2. I used to love school and never got over my fascination with well crafted leather bound college ruled tablets
    3. A solid thick barrel gel ink pen for writing in those tablets. No little skinny pens to give your fingers cramps after an, hour or two.
    4. Beaches. We have lived in the desert for almost thirty years now and I miss the beach. Oh we have our fair share of sand but, for me, without the ocean it’s just dirt.
    5. Fifth and final spot on my mental list are all the wonders of this planet; London, Paris, Munich, New York, San Diego, Amsterdam and more, all places I was blessed enough to live, work and visit when I was young enough to enjoy it. I was never a big picture or video taker so I relive those days in my mind and pictures I see around the internet.


    1. First, you are very welcome. 🙂

      Yes, books, always. I’m not sure there’s anything more satisfying than a squishy couch, a cup of tea, and a really good book (or even an okay book, if the rest is good). Gentle rain and low, crackling fire optional.

      I like fat barreled pens, too. My sit down and write pen right now is a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen, but I have a handful of Pilot G2 gel pens in my go bag. I mean… a HANDFUL.

      Yes, I am not a good picture taker during travel. I’m usually too busy looking at stuff. I have a lot more pictures from travels with my family, because my dad was good about that. Now I travel by myself so often, and I’m too shy to ask someone to take my picture at a landmark, and too self-conscious to be seen taking a selfie. lol!


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