Book Events

FenCon Schedule (24-25 Sept 16)

Saturday  10:00 AM  – 11:00 AM  Trinity V   

FenCon Squares  

It’s the classic game show Hollywood Squares with a FenCon twist! Join us for an hour of fun and games as our panel of guests try to help (or bluff) our contestants. We even have a “Secret Square” in each game! Come check it out. You might win a prize!

Saturday  12:00 PM  – 1:00 PM  Trinity VI   

Elementary Watson: The Forensics of Sherlock Holmes

When we first meet Sherlock Holmes, he’s beating a cadaver to learn about post-mortem bruising. He used fingerprints to solve crimes before most police departments adopted the practice. Our panelists discuss how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle changed the landscape of police work, and how Sherlock Holmes still informs our forensic detective work today.

Saturday  1:30 PM  – 2:00 PM  Pecan   


You REALLY want to come to this reading. I will read from two upcoming projects and give y’all the scoop before anyone else gets it.

Saturday  2:00 PM  – 2:30 PM  Dealer’s Room   


I will have a limited number of books available. I will also sign programs, notebooks, T-shirts, and (peripheral) body parts. Anything but checks.

Saturday  5:00 PM  – 6:00 PM  Chinaberry   

Can I Really Afford An Editor?

The question is, can you afford not to have one? Many self-published books fail due to lack of sound editing. It’s easy to get too “close” to your work and miss anything from a simple typo to a plot hole large enough to navigate a starship through. Learn the types of editing that are available, the costs, and how to find an editor who is a good fit for you and your work.

Sunday  10:00 AM  – 11:00 AM  Chinaberry   

Ground Control to Major Tom

To those we’ve lost.   Why we loved them and why we won’t forget them.

Sunday  11:00 AM  – 12:00 PM  Trinity V   

Star Trek: 50 and Beyond

With the latest movie, the announcement of a new Star Trek TV series, and Paramount/CBS’s legal requirements for fan films, what does the future hold for the next 50 years?

Sunday  1:00 PM  – 2:00 PM  Irving Lecture Hall   

On a Binge: Marathoning Your Favorite Media  

What’s your favorite way of binging on TV, movies, audiobooks, or podcasts?  With material on so many devices, there’s no reason you couldn’t get though 18 books of Honor Harrington, or five seasons of Welcome to Night Vale, in a weekend.

Sunday  2:00 PM  – 3:00 PM  Chinaberry   

Risks and Rewards of Replication

One of the coolest bits of Trek tech was the replicator. It could even get a cup of tea right! But is there a dark side? Could a replicator make weapons? Or enough gold-pressed Latinum to flood the galaxy?